SEO Success - If You Can’t Track It You Can’t Improve It


SEO Success - If You Can’t Track It You Can’t Improve It

Success is the ultimate goal all are racing for, whether it is education, power, business or SEO. We are striving to follow each and every latest strategy which can enable us to gain the best SEO ranking on all the search engines, we are striving to promote our business using every hook or crook. But in this blind race of success we are forgetting something really important. 

Let us analyse a situation :

Mary is an average school going girl. She is hardworking and prepares proper notes of each and every subject and then learns day and night. She works according to her schedule that when she has to go through which subject, how she has to grasp everything. Recently she joined an institution for getting a better support in her studies but there are no weekly tests organized here. They take tests and revisions according to them whenever they feel like. Maybe in a month, maybe in 4 months or anytime. Do you think there is something wrong here? What problem Mary will face? 

She will not be able to track her performance. Her daily efforts need to be measured otherwise working blindly without any tests and measures are all in vain. If she is not analysing herself or rating herself then how will she come to know how much she has to improve?

Same is the situation with SEO, if you are applying efforts blindly and not tracking your performance then there is no improvement. 

Fortunately we can measure our success by the freely available tool Google Analytics and it is used by almost all seo firms like seo phoenix . Depending only on keywords is not the only solution. Google Analytics gives an insight that organic search is highly important in bringing revenue and profits. So here are some points if you measure them you can track your actual success :

1.Traffic Only related to Organic search : Google Analytics is a great tool for SEO and tracking relevant success time to time. You can even measure traffic attracted to your website only due to organic search. There are many brands which complaint that their overall traffic declines suddenly due to decline in organic search traffic but they are ignorant of the fact that there are other traffic sources also. 

Easy steps to track your organic search traffic are :

Go to Acquisition -> All traffic -> channels here you can see all the channels listed and among them is Organic search. Once you click on it all the statistic details will unfold in front you. All the knowledge regarding the top landing pages, keywords attracting more traffic, search engines sending high traffic and many more hidden assumptions.

2. Quality Of SEO traffic : Quality is not measurable, this is the statement we have heard so far. But this is not true when it is about SEO. You can easily track your quality of SEO traffic by Assisted Conversions report :

Go to Conversions -> Multi Channel Funnels -> Assisted Conversions. Viewing this report you are able to compare monthly conversions right from the search. Conversions where search has played a vital role but is not directly related to the conversion, such situations can also be measured. Hence this report can be used in analysing the quality of the traffic. It is easy to predict because if the businesses come across a decline in conversions from search, although overall search traffic is gradual, it’s easy to predict that the traffic from search is not of a very high quality.  

3. Organic traffic assigned with dollar values : For applying this methodology you should have access to a Google AdWords account, and your Analytics should be synced with your Search Console account.

To find out any site’s keyword search phrases and queries :

Go to Acquisition > Search Engine Optimization > Queries.

Open your AdWords account in a new tab then click Tools > Keyword Planner. Enter the top keywords from your Google Analytics Queries report, and click “Get search volume.” then click on “Keyword Ideas.” Each keyword you’ve typed will show a Suggested Bid amount which is an approximate amount of what advertisers are paying per click for each keyword as of now.

This is a commendable approach to visualize what kind of dollars a brand’s SEO strategy is helping them save on traffic. 

4.Slow Loading Page Times : You cannot take the risk of hampering your website’s success just because the load time of your website is slow. But still many SEO firms do not pay much relevance to this factor. You can easily track or measure the impact of slow loading pages on conversion rates. 

Go to Behaviour -> site speed -> page timings 

Set the middle column to ‘Avg. Page Load Time’ and the right column to ‘% Exit’ and add a ‘Secondary Dimension’ of Medium, and filter down to show only organic traffic. The report which is displayed in front of us should be brought forward to the site developers to optimize the page load times.

5. SEO Dashboard : Data presentation is sometimes the most relevant factor to increase the trust of the viewer. Sometimes it is possible that the client only wants to look at all the stats in the form of pie charts and bar graphs. So to make the viewers or clients convinced the most impactful method is to build your own SEO dashboards. A Dashboard is nothing but a series of Widgets which extract all of the individual reports in one view making it easy to access, share, and print. You can also skip the details and import the dashboard.

So tracking your SEO success is important and easy too. Do not forget to add this success report in your monthly SEO report. According to seo san francisco clients are moreho impressed when they get to know the exact picture of the process and this you can do through custom dashboards showing them the real work each widget is tracking and why tracking is necessary.

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