Seo practices inspired by Trump’s Presidential campaign.


Seo practices inspired by Trump’s Presidential campaign.

Donald Trump took the world by a storm with his Presidential win. The reason behind this win was a powerful Presidential campaign. A lot can be learnt from this campaign, and applied to our seo practices.

1. Stick to a simple slogan.

“Make America great again.” was the slogan of Trump’s presidential campaign. His campaign team recognized that majority of Americans missed the glory of their country in the 80s and 90s. They recognized that the largest group of voters were those that spent their youth in that time. They tapped into that marketing potential.  

What we can take from this is that it pays to know your audience. Research needs to go to the grass root level. The best seo companies prefer to work on a project after thorough research. It makes a huge difference, which is evident with Trump’s similar approach.

2. Make lemons out of lemonade.

That’s right. Trump turned seemingly impossible attacks at him into positive publicity. Not that we approve of any of the allegations that were brought up against him, nor do we comment on whether they were true or false. What is to learn here, is that he turned himself into a kind of public clown for the sake of publicity. And it worked! He let himself be made into memes and mimicked across all media platforms. He became a household name all over the world, very early on in the campaign. 

Designing an seo campaign around your product is a similar process. Instead of votes we aim for clicks. Every product has its pros and cons. We need to make the pros more visible and downplay the cons. We need to suggest how the pros outweigh the cons. The web page needs to present the product in an attractive light. Negative reviews need to be tackled like Trump did. Address them tactfully. Highlight them as minor incidents which have been addressed. If the correct words are used, it can work to our benefit. 

3. Identify the actual needs.

Trump made promises that looked ridiculous upfront, but a closer look shows a deep understanding of the emotional undercurrent amongst the citizens of his country. For example, he declared that he would build a wall across the U.S - Mexican border, and he would make Mexico pay for it. At first, it looks like a racist agenda, and it might be, but how was he so sure that such crazy statements would go down well with the majority of the voters. He identified the real problems- drugs and illegal immigrants. Similarly he made use of the phobia of terror groups that lives in the minds of the masses. Not saying, that these promises were humanitarian, they were not, at all. But he managed to use the two major societal phenomena occurring in his country, to his benefit. 

The best seo practices are ones that are based on the underlying needs. Everyone designs their seo strategy around obvious interests of the target public. The top seo companies stay ahead of the race by targeting the hidden needs. 

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