SEO for Cause: Helping Non-Profit Organization



SEO for Cause: Helping Non-Profit Organization

Sometimes, doing good for some people helps to become a better person and better professional too. SEOs also volunteer to help non-profit organizations and make them visible on the internet. Helping out is one thing but giving the organization an exposure such that other people would also get associated is a completely different. If you also intend to help any such organization, here are some ways to start.

#1. Make their site rank

Being an SEO consultant, it is the first thing that you should do. The most important thing to do is making a local landing page for the organization. Make it visible for local searches. The local search is on the rise and you cannot target global audiences and sacrifice local ones. Publish good content about the organization and how it is helping needy people. Include happy pictures and videos. Mention the correct address and phone number so that people can contact to make donations and lend services.

Get it on Google Maps, try to get some genuine reviews and experiences. Link the website with supporting businesses, local library, and government offices. Give the organization the proper exposure that it deserves.

#2. Google grants can help

“Imagine what you could do with $10,000 USD of in-kind advertising every month from AdWords”

Yes, Google also helps these non-profit organizations by offering up to $10,000 a month (most of the organizations receive $300 a month) by displaying their message to people who search for organizations like theirs. Firstly, select the keyword that is in the close association with the cause. Develop ads for these keywords and local landing pages. You can encourage people to click on the ad and participate in the noble cause. Optimization of these ads to deliver different messages is also possible.

#3. Promote on Social Media

Like you promote any product or content on social media, promoting non-profit organization is also a good idea. Make a Facebook causes page and like it to announce your friends about it. Increase the participation of users and encourage them to make donations or offer to volunteer. You can target audiences of some other non-profit organization too. The chances are fair that they are interested in helping out other organizations too.

#4. Promote use of GoodSearch

When your supports use GoodSearch for searching on the internet, a fraction of the money is donated to your organization. As the number of participation increases, a fair amount can be received which can help a lot. The GoodShop Companies registered also donate a percentage of your supporter’s purchases to you.

#5. Free services

There are many websites that provide free services to the non-profit organizations. Web designing, graphic designs, web hosting etc services are absolutely free. You can make use of these to make the website more engaging and to deliver the correct message.

Atlanta SEO Company swears by these strategies that help the non-profit organizations a lot. If you have not work for any such organization till now, it is the time that you do. You know what is to be done, just know when you are starting.

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