SEO 101: what is link building?


SEO 101: what is link building?

When you are in the beginning of learning about how Search Engine Optimization exactly works, you may have also accessed an article discussing either the current prioritization criteria used by Google, or other Quality Score based criteria where you have for sure have read about links, link building and backlinks. But what is link building after all? Let me help you with a basic and easy to understand explanation.

Link building has always been a crucial part of a Singapore SEO’s work, no matter they wanted to push legit or spam websites to be ranked high. So what do we consider link building?

About links:

Links or websites on the internet are like a whole bunch of people talking all the time and an important part of optimization consist of the search and analytics of all things that were said about you. It’s like a huge line of gossips, full of opinions and statements and an expert has to rank these first to see if these are made on quality websites, if it’s good or bad that’s been said about you and so on, so forth the most important is, if it’s not much, there should me more, if it’s not good then it should be improved and if it’s not on the quality places one may need to look for diverse ways to make this change.

As in real life, our friends basically define us, therefore in the world of internet, the connections to your website (including all mentions) tells a lot about your business and your business-quality.

A link to a site means the following:

  • You refer to that site’s content via an anchor text or a normal hyperlink – a citation
  • Backlink: The site refers to your business or quotes your content – a citation
  • Indirect linking:  a site: be it a directory, a media outlet, a blog or a vlog or any other site of higher importance to your business mentions you or releases press releases about your business
  • Listing: you enlist your business in quality local, regional or national directories, boards or any outlet that’s the most important to your business.

A task of a professional Search Engine Optimization expert is to look into your business, to determine the line then start investigating for the best quality sites your sites should be linked to. Another crucial part is to check all your backlinks: aka the sites that referred to your business, your website your content in any way or form on the internet.

Link building concentrates on domain-level and page-level link building as you shouldn’t only associate this with the whole website of yours, each one of the pages can be equally regarded in terms of content. Luckily, today there are several SEO programs which can be used to allocate all the backlinks you have, otherwise you wouldn’t know about these the whole time.

As you can see link building is a hard and long process, which gets done the best by an accomplished and experienced SEO Singapore service for you. Check out one but don’t stop learning about the ways of optimization.

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