Right Communication between two Buddies: Content writer and Graphic designer


Right Communication between two Buddies: Content writer and Graphic designer

We started writing this article with the line- content is king, but somehow that felt repetitive and incomplete. A good content is one which is backed by great graphics, so ‘a graphical content is king’ is a more appropriate line. There are two people associated with the content creation; one is the content writer who observes his surroundings, his society and writes his heart and brain out. The second is the graphic designer who uses his creativity to give life to the picture, a picture which is said to be worth a thousand words.

When it comes to developing a perfect article for a website, both of these members should work in coordination and they can work perfectly only when there is a good communication and an understanding between the two. Let us tell you the three ways through a content writer and graphic designer can communicate efficiently to achieve the common goal. Top 10 SEO Firms swear by these three fool-proof ways.

  1. Clarify your target: This is the first step of communication where the content writer discusses his goals with the designer. The main thing to be considered here is the content writer should not tell the designer what he want, instead, he should discuss it with him. Mutual discussions always bring out the best.
    If the writer tells that he wants ‘this’, the designer would give him exactly that, irrespective of better options available. Since, all the content is developed to provide answers, to solve a question, so discuss that question first and then try to implement it in pictures. Decide the size, resolution and vibrancy of the picture in advance which leaves no space for misunderstanding.

  2. Visualize together: It is important that both the members of the creative team talk in person. The talk over the phone or mail cannot effectively convey the message. When the writer tell the designer what he want, he should provide him his personal ideas, his rough draft of ideas, such that it becomes easy for the designer to understand the article and he can design that with more accuracy. 
  3. Feedback: Last but most important point is to provide feedback. If the content writer likes the graphics and if he thinks that the designer did the job well, then he provides constructive feedback to him. A feedback helps a person to do well in the future. If the writer thinks that there is a disparity between his thoughts and pictures that designer made, he should notify the designer about it. The very foundation of SEO company is the communication between these two, so the writer should tell genuine reasons to the designer for disliking the picture. ‘Not good’ doesn’t work in this business, the writer should tell ‘I think doing this would make it better’.

Visual marketing becomes an easy task when there is a resonance between the thoughts of the two creative minds. The best SEO Companies are best because they make designer and writer sit in the same room and expect them to handle the communication on a personal level too.

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