Presenting a Content is no less of an Art than Gift Wrapping


Presenting a Content is no less of an Art than Gift Wrapping

Have you gift-wrapped something ever? What a question! Of course, you have. So, how do you do that? Firstly, you take the gift, use some glitters or colorful balls or something to enhance its beauty. Then you put a nice wrap on it such that the wrap makes it more interesting. Then you put your name tag on it and you are done. Presenting content is very much similar. Let us see how.

Step 1. The gift itself

So, the first step is the creation of the content i.e. not just good enough but more than the expectation of the audiences, something that they exactly want. Whenever you gift something to somebody, you always think of his persona and buy accordingly. You do not gift a 5-year-old boy quantum mechanics book, right? According to the Top 10 SEO companies, the content that you are gifting your audiences should be relevant according to their preference, their age, profession, and geography. If your gift cannot give joy to the person, it is better not to gift at all. The utility of gifting is important. To provide your users a great experience, always invest some time in creating useful if not unique.

Step 2. The decoration

Sometimes good things do not look good. For example, when you are gifting someone a limited edition personal diary, no matter how useful and expensive it may be, it would not look so great. So, what you do is give it a little touch of your creativity. You make it interesting so that the person may like it. However, the real value is the gift only but the glitters make it more likable.

Similarly, content is important but if it is accompanied with visuals, the message is amplified. People can understand the utility of content better. Not to mention social media is a fan of visuals. Visuals give a shape to your content, they make it more acceptable.

Step 3. The outer wrap

The next thing to do is put a wrap on the gift. This wrap increases the curiosity in the receiver. He would think that the wrap is looking interesting, who knows what can be inside. He may be tempted to have a peep right then.

Title and meta play the same role for a content. Some people give equal time for writing a content and deciding a title for it. Sometimes, we start writing a content and it goes in completely different direction afterwards. It is better not to write the title at first and leave it to the end. A good thought provoking title makes a reader wonder what could be inside. As such out of inquisitiveness, he would click on the article to read it.

Step 4. The name tag

Gift wrap, done! Now you have to put your name tag on it so that the person may know that you are the mind behind deciding that gift for him. As such, whenever he is done unwrapping the gifts, he may feel appreciated towards you.

Putting a name tag is, in fact, more important for a content. You write a content with some intention, you want to get conversions. Include name, address, email, map, phone number, and sharing buttons to your content. When you put clear call-to-action on it, it becomes easy for the readers to proceed. The simpler the call-to-action is, the more readers would convert. They would know what they have to do after finish reading. Limit the choices and show that time is running fast and taking action is important.

Step 5. Gifting

The last step does not include in actual wrapping but how you give the gift to the person matters a lot. You can give that to him personally, you can courier it or you can place it on the gift table where all other gifts are.

How you share you content decides its reaches. You can put the content on your blog or on social media. You can also email them to the influencers of your niche. Whatever you do, you try to use the method such that it can reach your audiences, just in the time when they need it more.

When you do everything right, the person would appreciate your efforts and he would happily spread a good word for you. When he does that your reach increases and you enjoy a great traffic. Every SEO services would tell you this fool-proof method to gift wrap your content.

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