Marketers: Are your Online Passwords in Order?



Marketers: Are your Online Passwords in Order?

An important component of online marketing or (any marketing) is to expand the reach of your brand and to be found wherever your target audience members are. What it means online is to setting up profiles on all the websites your target audience members visit. This includes social media sites, local listing sites, directory sites, niche industry sites and many more. Each of these websites requires a username and passwords. Do you have yours?

Orlando SEO Experts shares that a number of their clients were missing at least some their log information to these important profiles. In some cases, the profiles were set up by a former employee who is no longer with the company. They take information with them when they left. It wasn’t necessarily malicious, they just didn’t think to pass it along. Or, nobody thought to ask for it. In other cases, it was outsourced marketing firms that set up the profiles and they do not pass the logins when the relationship is ended. Or, they did get passed along but the person who took them didn’t file them properly or, left the company themselves. So, there are plenty of situations in which these log ins go missing.

Therefore to prevent the loss of your log in information, follow the tips given by Phoenix seo experts

  • Keep a master document

If case you don’t have a master document with every single online log in, create one now and make sure it lives in a backed up and secure place. List every single log in or profile you have. Cross check that the information you have is accurate by logging into each. If a user/password combination isn’t working, start doing the investigative work right now to figure it out. 

  • Get Log Ins from employees and outsourced firms.

If your employees or any outsourced firms are creating profiles and log ins on your behalf. Make sure they are sending all log in information to you as they create it and informing you when any changes are made regarding passwords. 

  • Get updated information when a relationship ends

If you are parting ways with an outsourced firm or an employee, make sure to get all the information you need from them before it happens. Legally, they can’t withhold any information from you since your profile represents your copy written brand. Hopefully they would not try to do this, but can’t say anything.

  • Keep it all under one roof

It is advisable to keep all your online marketing efforts under one roof, such as one outsourced full service firm for your marketing campaign. When multiple firms are working on different pieces of your online marketing, that might overlap. Also, lot of people having access to your passwords ( and online brand) can be messy. 

Obviously, this is isn’t something that you are likely to think about often, or ever until a problem arises. But this should be your best interest to review passwords on regular basis and ensure that you have access to all online profiles at all times.  

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