Live is Exciting. Do the same stand for the Live Content?


Live is Exciting. Do the same stand for the Live Content?

We all love live videos, they are more real and close to the reality. While there is no scarcity of content on the internet, live content is another thing. Since the utility of continuity is established, brands like to have a backup, and they manage a content inventory and the content is created in advance and automatically published. As such there is a lack of dynamic content, of course, except the news forums. Only the Top 10 SEO companies know the significance of the live content and they invest good resources in developing  and publishing the live content. Let us know the arguments in the favor and in against to the live content strategy.

Thumbs up!

  1. Tap into the new set of audiences: We always talk about the targeted audiences, that may purchase from you. Going with the live content, you can get those audiences which are the news-savvy and they like to be updated in every niche. Such people are not as much interested in other content on the internet as the latest updates. Live content gives you the opportunity to come in the good eyes of a large set of audiences that you didn’t think you can target.

  2. Freshness equals to Google’s good grades: Dynamic content means freshness and the freshness means Google’s appreciation. Using live content, you can target the real life that is surrounding us, the real topics and real trends. When an organised and creative content meets freshness, it brings only one thing- success.

  3. Interaction in real-time: Most of the people do not like to interact with the content that is years old. However, they sure give some time to the current topics rather than the general topics. Live content is a perfect way to engage audiences and when the engagement is two sided, it becomes a conversation (and we all know that conversation is queen).

  4. Deliver the message: Live content is a very potent tool to make declarations and deliver the messages. As described before, it gets the people’s interactions, so tracking the success or likelihood of the news becomes easy, which is exactly our next point.

  5. Instant insights: Live content attracts live audiences and through their response and comments, the real impact of the post with respect to time can be tracked. Based on these responses, their preference can be known and they can be targeted based on their personality.

Thumbs down!

  1. News becomes irrelevant with time: The content that may seem important now, they become irrelevant after a period of time. There is a great risk in going for live content because they are not the long term solution for your content strategy. The real trick is to update the news with time and then link the old news at the bottom to help people who like to know everything about it from square zero.

  2. Competition: Well, only a few businesses who know the importance of dynamic content are using this, but there is still a great competition. The news portals have different sections and the news of your niche got to be there. When you are new in business, it is tough to compete with the already established news portals.

  3. A standing content team: So, there is no doubt that the live content needs an in-house content team. Without a permanent team, the tactic cannot work. At least, one person has to be present to create, promote and answer the audience.

  4. Social representation is no excuse: Like content creation, social media marketing also becomes a necessity. There has to be a dedicated member or a team which markets the content on social media as soon as it gets prepared. There cannot be a lag and everything needs to be done NOW!

  5. Real-time analysis is tough: Tracking the audiences in real time is quite tough. The analytics tools give you the rise and fall in traffic w.r.t. time and to know the data dynamically, you have to do a lot of hard work. However, some SEO services can help you with that.

Only you can decide whether to use live content or not. If you think that pros outweigh the cons and you have enough resources, live content is really exciting.

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