Link Drill: Obtaining and implementing Links, an affair of months


Link Drill: Obtaining and implementing Links, an affair of months

You already know that each link takes some time to show measurable effects. The pagerank improvement cannot  be seen in a day, so what can you do to initiate and implement the process and how much time does it take in each step? Let us discuss that in detail.

Step #1. Knowing the approach to target for building links:

First and foremost step that Top 10 SEO Companies take for link building is to recognize the site from which they have to link. It is not an easy process because you have to go through their whole content, analyze whether they deal with the same kind of content as yours or not, think whether you will be benefited with the association or not, etc, etc. A lot of thinking is involved before actual link acquisition. So, you can do that by three ways, let us see them.

  1. Professional team: You can contact professional link building team or agency. They have experience in link building and they can really reduce your efforts. The only effort you have to do is in finding out the agency which is the right fit for you. A very popular agency may not work for you if their services are expensive or they have a different moral code of conduct. An estimated time of around 1 to 3 months is invested in selecting an agency and for them to start the process and get you your first link.

  2. A professional employee: You can also hire a person who is an expert in link building. This way a much less time is wasted in deciding the right match for the company. You just have to check the performance report of the expert, interview him and just hire. This process takes about half the time as compared to hiring an agency.

  3. A PR team: This is a short-cut method to acquire links. PR people already know a lot of influential people and they can get you a link in no time. Hiring an excellent PR agency can cost a fortune, so not many firms can afford that.

Step #2. Formulating the Link strategy:

When you know which person or people are going to work on your link project, the next step is to come up with a strategy. Failing to plan is planning to fail, so do not skip this process just because you want quick results. Here are some things that can help you with the process.

  1. Brand journalism/unique content: It is the most common method that brand usually use to acquire links. They would advertise their brand and what it does. Writing blogs with a unique content makes sure that people notice you and you get links. This process takes about a week to implement.

  2. Industry experts: It is yet another very effective tool to get links. People want to know about a subject, as such they wander on the internet in search of the knowledge. Industry experts are the people who have a lot of knowledge about the subject. When you take help from them and write about their opinions and their experiences, readers appreciate that, and a lot of these readers are bloggers, journalists, and social influencers. It is a process of a month or a half.

Step #3. The link implementation

After you have a link building strategy in hand, all you have to do is send emails to people. Do not expect to get results with the first email outreach, you have to send emails multiple times to get noticed. Just establish a positive image of yours and your brand in front of prospects. Play your part, tell them about the benefits they would get from the association and then leave the decision with them. Then only you can become one of the best SEO services.

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