Lessons that Non-Converting Visitors may Teach You



Lessons that Non-Converting Visitors may Teach You

Not all the people who visit your page buy something. You have done seo services to your website, thus traffic is coming. People see your website at top and visit. Some just visit to gather the information, some do not find what they need, some do not find your offer good, while others are just browsing the internet. But some of these people who are not buying your products or services may teach you a lesson. They can help you a lot to revise your strategies and revamp it to attract more buyers.

  1. More traffic is not equal to more sales. You must accept this fact. You can not expect every visiting person to convert into the customer. Some just visit your site to collect information. Some come to compare the price. You can not stop that traffic and you should not. But just make peace with it.

  1. No one buys from the site on first visit. You must accept it too. All the people who visit your site do not come with the intention of buying. They just are looking for the best price they can get for a product. They just browse all the sites and then buy from one that is offering the lowest price. So give your visitors a reason to come again to your site. Offer some discount on signing up. Keep the price of your product compelling.

  1. Conversion optimization. Now visitors have taught you that there are some people who do not come to buy. Leave them. But you should know how to convert potential customers. Many people do not find your prices good, lower them. Some find your interface complex, make it user friendly. Some find less payment options, diversify them. So you can learn from every non converting customer. You do not need SEO Agencies to tell you that.

  1. Know your visitors. When you started the business, you had certain target audiences in mind. But now you are feeding beyond that circle. Maybe you started business keeping in mind the working ladies but now your posts are attracting homemakers too. So you should time to time evaluate who your visitors are and what they expect. Try conversation with them. Make space for a message box at the bottom of your website and inquire what they need and why they are returning without making a purchase.

  1. Change is everything. Keeping updating your website, keep bringing fresh and pleasant changes. Static is boring, dynamic is exciting.

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