Keep up with significant shifts in SEO



Keep up with significant shifts in SEO

Digital landscape is  constantly changing and online marketers need to keep up with these frequent and significant shifts in tools and tactics. Search Engine Optimization simply means optimization of web pages to make them rank higher in the search engine result pages  and have a great reach. There are many SEO companies that employ experts who keep themselves updated with the significant shifts. Success with SEO is basically dependent  on keeping up with the  changes. You need not to chase algorithms, doing SEO according to search engine guidelines is  all you need to do. The SEO updated guide for 2016 covers some fundamentals of search engine optimization.

  • Keyword research relevance

  • Including keywords into written content and on-page SEO

  • Achieving organic  search visibility and site wide SEO

  • Ranking in mobile search i.e. Mobile SEO

  • Inbound Linking

  • Intersection of content marketing with SEO.

Keyword research:

 2016 has not come up with major changes in this section. To accomplish this, a varity of new ways such as keyword research tools (Google’s keyword planner, SEMrush, Ubersuggest) can be used.You may find competitive keywords using all of these. Pin point the keywords on your website that are already generating traffic. Focus on long tail keywords rather than predefined keywords. 

On page SEO: 

The content on website should be comprehensive and stuffed with relevant words. Proof content is what Google prefers. Your content should be the result of deep research. Keywords should be used throughout the content rather that in page title and headings only. Optimization of page information and internal structure still matters. Top SEO companies strive for the same.  

Mobile SEO: 

More than half the percentage of traffic on your website come through mobile devices. Mobiles are used more frequently than desktops and your website should be mobile friendly. Word count should be comparatively lower than the desktop content. For keeping the downloading speed, ad should be kept at minimum. 

Link building:

Earn links rather than building links! Quality of links is more important than quantity. With machine learning and semantic contexts, link building has lost its relevance. Social media plays a great role in getting you the links. Moreover,guest blogging also attract targeted audience. 

Content marketing:

Comprehensive content will be considered more valuable in 2016. Google prefers authoritative websites and hence blogging is needed. Keep your website updated with all the recent information associated to your domain. 

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