Is LinkedIn Important For You? Are You Still Stuck to Free Version?


Is LinkedIn Important For You? Are You Still Stuck to Free Version?

LinkedIn Premium.

Sounds familiar?

If LinkedIn is an important part of your online marketing or online recruitment, you must be familiar that LinkedIn has Premium services too which you get the benefits of by upgrading to Premium account. As the name suggests, the Premium account is going to have many more features that will give wings to your present marketing strategies.

If you are still using the free version of LinkedIn, let us convince you to upgrade.

#1. Profile views

The LinkedIn Premium would tell you about all the people who viewed your profile which is a pretty good feature for retargeting. In the free account, you can only know about the last five seen on your profile. There is one more advantage, if you want to be anonymous, even then you can know about the profile visits. However, this feature was not available on the free account. The anonymity came with the price of losing the insights about the profile views.

With the help of the sorting tools, you can set filters to only view the profile visit results from a particular company or job profile. This way, you can know what kind of recruiters are viewing your profile, what your competitors are looking at your profile, where your friends are and what they all are doing. You can also send a message to the people who viewed your profile and make a communication get the job or contract.

Perth SEO brings one more thing to our notice; you need to customize the requests that you are sending to your profile viewers. These people are using the mobile phones and you need to deliver the right message and with the maximum impact. The LinkedIn Premium also tells you the rankings as compared to the professionals like you. You can thus improve your profile to get the relevant visits and to be the person that these profile checkers what to hire.

#2. Search (better  search)

The search of prospects on LinkedIn becomes better than the advanced search on the Free account. You can search for a professional based on experience, field, job responsibility, interests, company size, year of joining etc. You can now find out the decision-making people of any firm on LinkedIn and thus, can deliver the message to the right person directly.

You must know about the saved searches and you must like them too. While in the free account there can be three saved searches, with the Premium account, you will get seven saved searches. You will be notified when any new lead qualifies that category. It would be very helpful for you as you can set an alert on the leads for your marketing and thus, you will collect the list of prospectes updated every time.

#3. The Insights

Insights tell you about the companies that you may be interested in and the friends that you might want to work with. The information that is provided at the LinkedIn is all that the account-holders put there. There can be a disambiguation or mismatch between the actual facts. You can see how many employees are there in a company, how many people are joining and how many are leaving. This would help you find your unique opportunity. You can see the profile for which you want to work has a possible vacancy or not. You can connect with the people who can possibly encourage your joining at the company. You can make conversations with the employees even before joining it.

#4. Messaging

If you are not connected with any business or a person in first-level, you can still send and receive messages by this Premium account. Thus, you can easily contact the prospects or clients on a more personal level.

If LinkedIn is crucial for you, get the Premium account. You have seen the benefits that you will be getting. Whether you are looking for a job or you are looking an opportunity to get more leads, the LinkedIn Premium is going to help you for sure. York SEO uses this Premium account for some clients who really get benefited by it.

What do you think? Is it really what your business needs? If you have it, please write your experience to us.

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