How to Plan And Execute Welcome Emails Efficiently!


How to Plan And Execute Welcome Emails Efficiently!

On an average, welcome emails get maximum 50% as high open rate. However, just like a person, welcome emails leaves an impression as the first impression, which ultimately shows the last impression. That is the time where you can show your potential customers about best products or services you offer or how you will likely to serve them. 

According to a survey conducted by seo agency birmingham, significant amount of your success depend on the subscribers liking when they see your initial welcome emails.

Here’s some ideas to get to efficiently execute welcome email. Let’s have a look:

  • Device a strategy:

Welcome emails are actually very effective for any email marketing program. It also have high rate of being in inbox, extra benefit which should be used by every company.

Have a look at what the other companies are doing as your new welcoming strategy and modify their successful activities to match your needs.

Take a look at the welcome emails from your competitors or from those brands who target your audience. 

  • Try to deliver on the promises:

The very first email which you send to your potential customers should include the type of promise ebook, all the necessary details related to the trial period, discount you offered, and all the important details, which you feel you must clearly state to your client or customer.

  • Decide a timeline as well as frequency:

As stated  by the SEO Services Bristol, those who sent more than one welcome mail, are more likely to see 13% more increment in the revenue.the also added that many people send 'welcome' emails even after two weeks of sign-up, while some brands tend to send 'welcome' emails even after two months of the sign-up date.

Here's we have provided you with the rough timeline to show how email frequency must be slow down for two month welcome period:

  1. First email  must be sent immediately after receiving email address

  2. Second email should be delivered after 3 days of receiving the email address

  3. Third email should be sent after 8 days 

  4. Fourth email after the 15 days 

  5. Fifth email after 45 days 

  6. And the final sixth email after completing 60 days 

  • Choose your words smartly:

When it comes to write any welcome emails for the subscriber, keep in mind about these two things:

  1. Personalization:

Welcoming subscribers and personalizing your content is quite significant to attract large number of customers. After personalizing your email, you will notice the read rate of your emails of how engaging they will become and how likely they want to spend.

  1. Expectation:

Apart from the personalization, set the precise expectation in the very beginning. Whether you are planning to subscribe you emails daily, weekly or monthly, let them know about this. And also, make sure that your customers find it very easy to subscribe your emails whenever they feel like. 

In addition to these strategies, you can also talk to your customers about all the advantages of using your products or services. What are the resource you will provide them for free and tips on how to make the best of your products. Since this will help your customers more to know you personally and they’re more likely to build trust on you.

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