How to Grow Your Mobile Ranking?


How to Grow Your Mobile Ranking?

Today everyone knows that Google has now started to index mobile versions of the website, as compared to that of desktop version. In fact, various factors about the mobile site, including the page load speed, meta description, title and so on will decide the ranking of your website on desktop as well as mobile both.

Statistics show that if you don't have an SEO friendly blogs or website for mobile version, then you are probably losing a great portion of your audience for your competitors. 

Check out the best ways to make your website error-free, and visible on the top result of search engines. 

Make sure to conduct mobile friendly test

Though this is not uncommon to determine that whether your site is mobile friendly or not. Google validates variety of factors, including plugins, configurations, clickable aspects, size and so on. Therefore it is important to know that mobile friendliness is examined based on each page, and you can check it using Website Auditor easily.

Audit your mobile website frequently

Allowing google to pass all the web pages in friendliness test is great, but there are many other factors which needs analysis as well. Audit of your entire website is the best  way to ensure that all your web pages are clearly crawlable, and web spiders can access them easily, without any error. 

Conduct keyword research for mobile

Search phrases which people input to search for any query varies from that of mobile keywords. In fact, studies has revealed that more than 20% of the people search for any specific query using voice searches, instead of typing into the text box. Rather, it is no wonder to say that now voice search has become fortune for local businesses to make their business visible online. 

Google has divided the search type into four important micro moments, such as:

  1. I want to know about something : if someone is searching about something but didn't purchased it yet, and looking for any useful information.

  2. I want to purchase something: This kind of searches occur generally on mobile, when a buyer is ready to buy, but looking for a way what to buy and how to buy it.

  3. I want to go somewhere: in these kind of searches, people searches for local business to buy a product from a nearby store. And mobile website helps to make the local search great

  4. I want to do something: these searches are generally find after or before purchasing a product. Usually, people find it by writing “How to” and looks for tips to make things happen.

Monitor  the ranking of your mobile site regularly

Once you begin to see the positive effects of your mobile SEO techniques, make sure you begin to track the mobile ranking, but do remember to not ignoring the desktop ranking of your site. And after that you are all set to become a successful entrepreneur!

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