How The Evolution Of Search Has Affected The Domination Of Brands In Organic And Paid Searches?


How The Evolution Of Search Has Affected The Domination Of Brands In Organic And Paid Searches?

With each passing years in searches, the dominance of mobile and voice searches is increasing. According to the estimated study done by SEO companies San Francisco consultants states that, over 60% of total search volume comes from mobile and 20% of searches comes from voice searches and it is expected that the proportion is increasing at the most phenomenal rate.

While the search pattern is changing, a very significant change that can be noticed is the overlap in brands in both paid and organic listings. Several studies indicates that brands enjoying heavy traffic is actually due to their ranking in paid and organic searches. 

When it comes understanding and analysing the strategy that successful brands are using can help in making up strategy in search that can bring great insight for ranking  and getting traffic.

With the change in the year and in the search landscape, it has become highly important to identify and implement strategy that aligns to brand’s motive and brings its intended conversion.

Industry roundabouts

The researches that were conducted showed the highest amount of brand overlaps which was 25.7% in 2017 as compared to 25.6% in the previous year.

This kind of data gives two things as an insight

  • Search has become more established as an industry and tactics, brands have became aware of value of coordinating the strategies.

  • The search listing favours only those brands who have the capacity to have a large paid search budget and intense technical and content generation capabilities.

The biggest surprise element was in retail and financial industry. Financial industry took a leap from heavy overlap terms such as home equity loans , car insurances etc. These keywords were highly competitive and only the bigger brand could afford to bear the fruits from them.

In terms of retail, the drop was noticed due to actual decrease in paid listings and get replaced by Google shopping ads. According to expert from St. Louis seo services, google has enhanced its shopping ads over the years as it works well for Google and brands by giving high CTR and conversion than traditional search ads. These experts also suggest that google shopping is a highly receptive platform in terms of google search result page, therefore, marketers should definitely optimize it mindfully

Brands presence in local searches

Another very important feature of google ranking which trending and will increase exponential is making the presence of the brand in local searches. With the growth in mobile searches, consumers are able to find local searches because the intent location signal is pretty high. Retails in the study took the front seat, however, it is worth noticing that all study categories except pharma had some local presence.

It is highly important that brands should consider their local management strategy to claim their presence in local search result and enhance their visibility. This is the place where the potential should be harnessed with some dedicated resources.

In short

The world of search result is growing with various kinds of components. By coming years we all can expect of reviewing knowledge graphs and structured answers by voice assistance.

It is highly important to monitor the changes done by google in its search results and the various bits and piece that can be compiled together to create a phenomenal result for your brand in search results.

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