How PR Holds Crucial Importance To Seo? How Can These Be Implemented?


How PR Holds Crucial Importance To Seo? How Can These Be Implemented?

SEO cannot work alone. It needs to be worked with multiple marketing approaches with each channels impacting the success of the approach. These different marketing approach includes PPC, email marketing, social media, or even offline advertising and promotion. 

But often a very significant marketing channel is ignored which is PR or public relation. A good PR is capable to bring great SEO performance and create much influence when combined with other channels.

Now question is, how PR can have much more important than others?

  • Links

Consultants from boston SEO company highlights that links are one of the most influential ranking factor for Google SERP and also for other search engines. For earning links naturally, a great content is needed. However, apart from a great content strategy links can be obtained from influential websites by a strong PR strategy as well.

 You can use coverage from national newspapers sites or in large industry magazine or in popular regional sites which can lead to high SEO performance to next level and provide you lasting benefit in future.

  • Brand recognition

Brand recognition is highly crucial for creating influential position in SERPs. Getting featured in recognized third- party sites can be a great way for cementing a trusted brand. For many years Google have competitive phrase that favour major brands. These competitive brands help in establishing the brand within the competition.

If your brand name gets mentioned in various place such as social media, news websites or any where on web, Google will recognize these as a trusting factor and give them better rank.

  • Reputation management

Often when people have something to buy from web, they look for trusted place. If the place is not familiar, people look for reviews from other sources. If companies do good job or treat people nicely it is bound to bring great customer reviews. However, every time companies cannot earn positive result and can earn negative comment as well.

If companies carry out successful PR strategies, your brand is likely to earn good position in SERP result. Whether running a campaign or getting coverage in national news or getting featured in press release which got featured in an industrial publication.

The end of all these is getting great online reputation and getting potential customer on board.

  •  Social proof

Professional from best SEO company in california suggest that social proof create a great brand recognition which helps in acquiring good amount of customers for the brand. If your PR activity is highly successful in getting coverage then your website can get real recognition. When someone thinks of buying from the website they will more likely to pull the trigger publications which recognize featured you. 

People make mistake in driving in PR campaigns and expect coverage in national news but this is not the most acceptable thing for you.

Before you begin with the idea for your campaign or writing any press release or any fancy taglines, try thinking about what you want to reach. It is more better to reach to small groups which are more specific people then focus on getting PR efforts in this direction. If you have wider audience for more general consumer then plan to target national and more larger general website.

Once it is known, make some research into who is writing about topic in the publication that you want to target and analyse their work to know inside out.

There are many approaches for getting PR coverage. The best approach will depend upon who is targeted and what goals are. While using PR tactics, you should reason out why this and why now.

Some ways of implementing PR strategies include:

1. Writing press release

The best SEO company in california suggest that press release should be written with interesting, trustworthy and newsworthy material. It is distributing to specific people that is found through research who would be interested in it. In case, there are targeted newswire in industry then you should submit it there but you should also focus on creating something interesting and timely. Follow this and you will get best of result.

2. Special media networks

Make proper proper research to understand the specialist media network in your niche industry. It is also good to get request from journalist who have written about particular topic and need tips, advice or quote from people in industry.

3. Journorequest

Twitter gives a great platform to find great PR opportunity by following hashtags like journorequest or PRRequest which journalist use for writing stories.  Using these hashtag in your industry will help you provide much better, filtered relevant opportunities. You can move a step further and use various service to emails whenever this combination of hashtag appears so you can make sure you are always bite when a tasty opportunity arises.

4. Campaigns

Creating a wider promotional campaign which allows you to use popular themes that cross over with your brand that provide media with a reason to talk about. It also provide better coverage in lot of places if the idea is implemented at right place.

5. Getting partnership with charity events

You can always gain good result by teaming up with some new cause and getting it back. This is one of the successful ways  to create something highly newsworthy and it is likely to cover the brand if it is doing something nice. If the association is used with combination of wider campaign idea, this can be particularly powerful.

6. Reviews

Another traditional but effective approach to getting coverage by offering your product or service in return for a review. You should be confident enough to find what you offer for making the association successful and carry the right message. It can be as simple as mailing your product to users or asking them to give it a test run.

7. Use research or data

When it is about offering something new, it can be nothing better than research or data. If you deal with lot of customer data then you should understand the trend in the industry then find the content which would be accepted by the users. However,  make sure new data is only good when it is interesting.

8. Get quoted

Sometimes journalist cover most of the story covered but they will sometimes just need insight from someone in the industry to add an extra level of credibility or an altogether different angle.

This can usually come with some form of quote and somebody has to be ready waiting for opportunity arises.

PR is a great way to bring good amount of SEO performance. Leverage these strategies to bring exception result for your business with the help of implementing PR strategies. 

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