How GIF could Improve quality of your Content?


How GIF could Improve quality of your Content?

Isn't it a universal fact that everyone of us love GIFs and that too without any reason?

Exactly! We all love GIFs and definitely everyone love to read the content which includes GIFs. Being a reader, we like to see the more attractive images while reading a piece, which can not help us to stop reading about that content. Well, there are few logical reasons which could make the GIF more than perfect visual content for any of your content. Here are some key factors which can help you to grab the attention of your readers and how it could improve the quality of your content.

  • They gain the attention of readers that you need

We all are very well aware of the fact that GIFs are very attractive as well as they are very easy to consume. Your audiences will definitely react positively upon the GIFs and would love to share it happily. According to a report by Twitter, “people love to shared over more than 100 million GIFs in 2015 through their tweets.” Isn't it an outstanding figure? Yes, Actually! And you just thought that the GIFs are only the simple visuals. The Best SEO Services use the GIFs in order to meet the audience’s content requirements.


  • Helps you in conveying your message effectively

Basically, GIFs are not portray, but a thread of images. It allows you to conveniently gets your message delivered to your respective readers. Which means you do not need to necessarily write a text in order to convey your message to reader. When you insert the images or memes, you usually write your content first and then after that you put them to maintain the continuity of your words but GIFs facilitates you to deliver the message without even using the words.


  • Insert Videos but not Videos

We all know that GIFs are not images but then, they are not videos as well. The visual content such as video takes some amount of time to get load which increases the page load speed which is obviously bad for business. Thus, using GIFs does somewhat exactly the work of the video even without affecting the loading time. This will help you to get the benefits of the video and exclude the drawbacks of videos outside.

  • Demand of the Internet

The Internet or search engines is nowadays reacting good in the response of GIFs. Everyone of us are driving crazy over them and it is the high time to grab the opportunity and make the most out of GIFs. It always pleased to use the format which works on the internet and right away, GIF is definitely one of them. Many messengers automatically includes the GIFs seeing usage and it is the time that you should also do it now.

  • Mobile loves GIFs as well

As we have mentioned before also, GIFs take no time to load and hence do not affect much to the page loading speed and most importantly, they are mobile-friendly. Most of your audience utilize the GIFs with the help of mobile phones. While for some other content, you need to optimize the pictures, GIFs are an actual and  real deal as well, since they are already compressed.

tumblr gifs.png

  • They are real fun

We have seen many times so many GIFs on our Facebook page, yet find it hard to click. But trust me, i always use to click on every GIF which I see on my Facebook page and they are actually real and easy. They are a real fun.

  • An innovative style of storytelling

Videos have been considered as one the easiest way to narrate a story but it might possible that you are not much aware of the correct video format which may work for you, though using a GIFs are an entirely a different story. You can narrate any story very effectively by using a series of GIFs. Using series of images in your content, you can tell your brand’s story to your readers from the ground up.


  • Can be insert in any content, creatively

You can insert series of GIFs anywhere such as blog or website or may be at social media site and even in the email marketing as well. By precisely expressing what did you want to convey, you can easily target your audiences without much efforts.

  • You know the final source

Giphy is eventually the best platform from where you could get the GIFs. nowadays few brands are engaged in creating their own GIFs  for promoting their brand and to grab the much attention of their readers and as such, you could never fall ill of the GIFs to use it in you content.


Top SEO companies usually recommend their employees to use the best and most relevant visuals in their content to boost the traffic, and right now, GIFs are one of the best possible way to do so. Since soundless animation can convey the message to your readers much effectively, it has been found that GIFs are the best and easiest way to enhance the rank of your website.

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