How Black Hat Tactics Can Help You to Boost the Rank


How Black Hat Tactics Can Help You to Boost the Rank

Blackhat word creates the chaos in whole SEO market. That’s why people try to avoid Black hat tactics but over the period, SEO pros had researched what was wrong with that techniques and finally, they came on a solution.

SEO link building services helped a lot of people to increase the rank of their website. When algorithms were not that stronger people used to take backlinks from any websites. So you see the point

Blackhat technique is nothing but a Good technique which gave bad results. 

Yes, if you look carefully then you can find many ways to achieve good results from Blackhat technique.

Let’s see how a black hat tactic can help people to improve the ranking of a website. 

Here are some points which might help you to understand how to moderate a black hat technique.

  • Content selection- Now, what people used to do in Blackhat technique? I will tell you about this. They used to copy the content from another website or blogs which had good content. By this way, they used to get indexed in search engine database.
    Now the moderation of that which can help you to make it White hat technique. By this content, you can know which is relevant content. once you will know about the content you can easily mold it in your language and upload it to your website. Isn’t it great?

  • Backlinks- The most important part to focus is Backlink. Yes, if you see the overall data you will know that Backlink carries almost 30% dependency on the page ranking. That’s a hell lot of percentage. So now you can guess the importance of Backlinks.
    In Blackhat, they used to use private blog networking. In which every blog was internally connected and they used to give you backlink but Search engine detected it and degraded the rank of the website.In white hat, you can use this technique just by modulating it in such a way that it should seem more honest. Like, you can ask different publications to write a blog about you and mention your link as a third party. 

  • Keywords-  In Blackhat tactics people used to stuff the keywords or they might use more than 10% keywords in content and some content used to hide in images.
    So in White hat technique, you can take these keywords to help you score more valuable position. All you have to do is just mark most important keywords and then use it properly. Or you can use leftover keywords in the ALT text. So that your image is clearly visible and indexed by Search engine.

  • Cloaking-  In Blackhat tactics people used to give reference to different websites or they used to redirect the user to another page. This is known as Cloaking in the language of the Search engine.
    But in a right way, we can use these links to give more information about the particular topic. So you can transfer link juice to another website. If you do it good enough who knows in future that website can give you a valuable link or users can share your website more.

I just want to mention one more thing here instead of using best rank checking software, there are still chances that you can stand low in rank. The Answer is very simple you might be using Black hat technique unconsciously. So try to moderate these issues. 

Final Words

So you know that the beginning of Blackhat SEO and Whitehat SEO is almost similar.

It’s just the output is totally different. The Blackhat SEO might attract you but you have to understand on which point you are going to change your path.

If you are using Black hat tactic and you are successful to cheat the Search engine. Don’t worry it’s not for long period.

If you are using right path, you will be successful in long run.

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