Have you also become a victim of #instagramdown?


Have you also become a victim of #instagramdown?

The world is taken by the outage of Instagram. Some people have lost thousands of followers in an hour and some were having problems accessing their accounts. But the relief is that now the bug has been resolved.

Instagram officially acknowledged this bug at 10:14 am according to the eastern time coast and at 02:14 pm according to the western time coast by tweeting about it. This tweet was done from the Instagram comms account and after 4 hours of this, Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram shared the same tweet with the message that they are still working on that. The outage lasted roughly 8 hours but different people got affected differently by it.

The outage cause thousands of followers to some accounts because several accounts were disabled. People were also not able to access their accounts. There were many app crashes and timely logouts from the app.

But finally, at 6 pm on the eastern and 10 pm on the western time coast, the issue was resolved. Still, some people are recovering from the consequences but most have.

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