From the Book of Astrology: The Future of Facebook Reactions


From the Book of Astrology: The Future of Facebook Reactions

We all love using emojis but to our shocking, according to the Top 10 SEO companies, Facebook emoticons are seldom utilized. Well, this is a start and we can bet that the future is carrying something very positive for the Facebook reactions. You cannot express your feelings via like button and comments need too many efforts. The reactions like Haha, Love, Angry, and Sad can express every human emotion. You can tell the publisher what you feel about the content and it inspires him to create more of such content to amuse you.

Let us see how Facebook reactions can be utilized in the future to do a better marketing and provide the audiences the relevant content that they would like to read.

#1. Know the Emotional Response

Likes are good but they do not tell about the actual emotion that a reader is going through. While comments are quite confusing, reactions are perfect to be used. A like and comment ‘Haha’ may mean that the reader liked the post or it can be sarcastic too. With the use of reactions, users can express themselves and the brands can know what audiences want.

#2. As a ranking factor

When the people start reacting to each and every post that they read, the reactions can become a ranking factor too. The posts which will get the maximum number of positive reactions will top the News Feed of the subscribers. This would also lead to optimization of posts for getting positive reactions.

#3. Know the right audience

While we target a large group of audience on the social media, not all of them are our true ones. They read our content but do not take an action further. With the popularity of reactions, brands can know which audience are actually engaging with the content. The reactions are as easy as like; while express what a person can comment easily. The real audience would not shy to give you a reaction feedback, if someone is not doing it, they are not the ones that you should target.

#4. Effective targeting

Some of your audience may like the humorous content while some may like the informative ones. If you serve the wrong audience the wrong content, you are pretty much failing. With the use of reaction data, you can create content for all of your targeted audience and serve the right content to the right audience. The content would be relevant and hence, it becomes successful.

#5. Relevant News Feed

Facebook decides what post is to be shown to the users and what not. The organic is no more powerful that it used to be. With the help of reactions, Facebook would know what content to be shown to the user. They would filter the kind of posts at which the user reacted with ‘Angry’, and serve only the ones which fetched positive happy reactions.

#6. Ad visibility

The same thing goes to the advertisements too. If people are reacting positively to a content related to clothing or shoes, they would be shown the ads for the same. This would make the ads more effective. Similarly, for a positive reaction on a brand’s post, the user is shown the ads from the same brand to help him get what he wants (to buy the products) easily.

#7. A new competition

Now, getting positive reactions on the post would become the primary objective of every brand. A new metric gets added to the content monitoring. Brands will be encouraged to get more and more reactions. They will improve their content marketing game and try to provide even more relevant content to their audience.

Best SEO companies think that the future of Facebook reactions is bright. It is going to become very useful. Not only users will get the desired Feeds, advertisers can target their audience better.

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