Do you people like videos posted on social media sites?

Or companies promoting brands by videos clips?

Do you like them?

Don’t you feel tempted to do the action asked in the video for at least once?

Well folks! If you do, than your are under the influence of strong video marketing campaign

Visual medium always attract attention and if it is a moving image like video, it is icing on the cake.Video marketing is proving to be one of the newest and most engaging marketing tool these days. All the bigger companies are now targeting video marketing to bring in potential customers and convert them into buying customers. 

Video marketing is also relatively cheaper and mass appealing as well.

Let us see some of the benefits that can be incurred by using video marketing

  • Better see

Using video marketing helps to gain better ranking of the website. According to a survey done by seo company in kansas, experts predicts that videos bring 53% more chances to be ranked higher than normal contents.

  • Video boost conversion and sale

The main motive behind promotion, seo and all the marketing strategies is to increase conversion. This is effectively increased by using videos in the content. People tend to ignore text content due to lack of time but a video can be seen even while you are talking to somebody. It is observed by  industry experts in seo from usa that video content present in landing pages of the websites tends to create better engagement in audience. The reason behind these facts are not astonishing as it is scientifically proven that human are greatly influenced by visually enabled content like images and video

  • Videos have greater return on investment

Video marketing is relatively cheaper in comparison with other marketing tools. It does require investment but that is decreasing with the changing time because of the growing technology.

New software are helping to provide certain services free that relatively decreases the budget of the marketing process. 

  • Video builds trust

Buying behaviour of the customers are largely affected by the trust factor. If people cannot trust the venture, they will never invest money into it. Videos helps to build the emotional bonding with the customers. Conversational based videos helps to give customers a very individual approach from the brand.

For example, companies often post video about their CSR activities on their social networking sites. These videos to not promote any product but they are generally viewed and liked by millions. Such videos create a sense of emotional bonding and also a soft corner for the company as well. 

  • Adding video leads to stronger seo

Seo of a website is deeply affected by the nature of the content used in the website. Google crawler tends to rank pages higher that gives maximum quality content and also on customers preference to stay on a site for longer duration.

  • Videos are easy to get processed by human brains

There are already so much informations overloaded that are to be processed by human mind. In this situation videos adds freshness, it is relatively easy to understand, requires minimum processing and the best part is motion picture acquire maximum retention of the human brain.

  • Viral potential

Videos are the easiest way to share vision, knowledge, expertise, product across many platforms by professionals and businessman. Videos are the easiest way to share and give information as compared to text content.


Video marketing can prove a blessing for the marketers not because of lower production but also is easy to share and promote across many platforms. Making an affective video requires a better understanding of human psychology.More Info: Visit

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