Doodles: 5-Stop Journey to Create a Perfect Doodle


Doodles: 5-Stop Journey to Create a Perfect Doodle

As fun as they sound, doodles are more fun to draw. You do not need to be an artist to design a doodle, you do not even need to learn the basics. A good doodle can be designed by a person with a vision alone. We have already told you the reasons why doodles are a great addition to any content, let us know the ‘stops’ in the journey to create a doodle; that speaks volumes and make your bond with audiences stronger.

Stop 1: Brainstorming

Doodles do not need perfection, but practicing certainly makes them perfect in their own way. The first step to getting the desired doodle is brainstorming the idea. You can express your vision through doodle only when you are clear about it. If you yourself do not know what you want, how can you proceed further? Visualize a picture, a thought that you need to convey to your audiences. Top 10 SEO companies make notes on paper because they know that sometimes hand-written notes make a spot-on doodle.

Stop 2: Talk to colleagues

The next in line is to get second opinions. Sometimes you feel that the idea is unique but when you discuss it, it proves to be not. You need to plan your strategy in the team and use whiteboards to draw a rough draft of it. If you like, you can use the traditional method of presentations i.e. manual drawing.

Stop 3: Share notes with designer 

Do not feel ashamed to share your notes with the designer, he can understand your vision better if you give him a foundation to make a doodle on. Do not just mail the hand-written notes, try to talk to him personally. When you can convey your designer what you want, you will get exactly that and the gap between the imagination and final product would be negligible.

Stop 4: Create a doodle story

In this stop, you have to create a story around that doodle. Stories are a great selling point for any content, when combined with a doodle, their USP doubles and they becomes viral in a small period of time. Make sure that your content is relevant to the doodle. It happens with most of us that we start writing keeping some subject in mind and coming half ways, it becomes about something completely different. Make sure that you remain on a single story point till the end.

Stop 5: Share and wait

At the last, your doodle is all ready to be rolled online. Make sure that you place doodle at the correct point of the content. If you are planning to attract audiences based on visuals, they should be placed as featured images. If you want to give a visual treat to audiences who visits you already, place them at a higher vantage point, such that seeing them can explain the intention of the whole article. Now you do not have to do anything, just enjoy the traffic that doodle attracts.

Sometimes, less is more and simple is enough to draw the audiences. According to the best SEO services, graphic representation of thoughts makes a huge difference in the effectiveness of a story. If you want that your visitors remember you for long, you should use these doodles, doodles which everyone can draw and you can find them on the back page of the notebook of every school-goer.

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