Development of search engine – A step by step process



Development of search engine – A step by step process

Updating search engine is a complicated process and requires time by going through certain successive steps. There is a huge difference between the look of web pages on the search engine and the user.

There are lot of certain aspects for updating or modifying web pages for the web visitors. If you want that your web site appears at top place in search engine listings then it is good to keep your content in HTML text format. Since the crawling technology has been advanced but the images, Java applets, Flash files and other non-text content are generally ignored by search engine crawlers. With every technical and easy means, it becomes essential to place the word and content in the HTML text on the page.

If you have some knowledge about formatting or visual display styles then there is other advanced method which can be adopted for index-able content.

  • The images are assigned in jpg, gif or png format which provide alt text for images giving search engine a visual content.
  • The crawl able and navigation links supplement the search boxes.
  • The flash and java plug-ins are supplemented with text on the page.
  • The audio and video content are provided with a transcript to get indexed by the engines.

It is worth while to check the whole content because unique content always show its relevancy and therefore ranks higher on the web page. It makes your web site and its content to appear on the top position of a search engine. It is impossible to check the whole relevancy of the content on the search engine therefore the rich information is always get noticed on the specific web page.

Visibility of the web site not only depends on the particular things like content relevancy and HTML coding but also on the major use of SEO tools because they enable the page to be visible on the search engine.

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