Curiosity: Quite important in growth hacking


Curiosity: Quite important in growth hacking

A growth hacker has a fascination at why visitors choose to be users and engage and why some products fall flat on their face. With today’s distracted users, growth hackers are habitually exploring to find new ways to push metrics up and to the right. “Growth hacking has a subtle message of ’what have you done for me today?’

You never stop as a growth hacker. Facebook still has a growth team and they have a billion users. Growth hackers are constantly curious and have an insatiable desire to learn. They look deeply into user behavior and explore the edges of behavioral economics.

Growth hacking is both an art and a science. While driven by data and moving metrics, growth hackers are also creative problem solvers. A growth hacker has a vibrant mental dexterity to think of new ways to acquire and loop in users. Growth hackers do not stop at data but build into new and unknown frontiers to find growth.

Good growth hackers have a deep understanding and curiosity of the how Internet works. A good growth hacker will read Nudge and Predictably Irrationality and see possible growth hacks. This curiosity leads to a grasp of product and user experience way beyond the surface.

A growth hacker does not so much care that growth occurs but desires to understand the user mindset and product flow to replicate the method over and over. Growth hackers are just geeks who are human. Growth hackers are a rare breed and a highly unlikely mash up of data, creativity, and curiosity.

As it is a fairly newly defined field, some would argue that today there only a few hundred growth hackers in Silicon Valley. Although a small number now, there is no glass ceiling and the door is open for all. Most growth hackers say they learned out of necessity from starting a company with a zero marketing budget.

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