Content marketing for B2B companies: Part 1


Content marketing for B2B companies: Part 1

Content marketing in the case of B2B is a way more tricky and complex than what you  do in B2C type. It encounters some tricky elements. If we consider marketing funnel for B2B, it includes the elements- Awareness, consideration, comparison,  conversion and retention. Now, there is nothing like more or less important among these elements. All are equally important and it is pretty tough for SEO companies to concentrate over  every single element while designing strategy. This is the way where most of  the marketers go wrong. Try not to concentrate  on more  than 2 elements.  

For example design your content taking  awareness and consideration into  account or may be other two like consideration and comparison. Taking all them in consideration is not going to work for you, if you are running B2B. B2B is lead driven and measuring success with B2B is pretty different than B2C. It costs an arm and a leg  to convince people with your services. Retention is the next major issue. Conversion and retention are  equally important to make your services exist in the market. For instance, let us suppose there  are some providers in an area that provides land spaces to the small business running in the local area. What according to you is the most important element of the funnel that need focus? It is probably the Awareness section. Awareness to the landlords that are providing small land areas.

 Your content may come up with the information regarding the space dimensions and its ratio with the rest of the land. So, this was a little example, there are a lot more major B2B services that needs  careful attention for successful marketing campaigns. If B2B is what you are running, then quantity  of  lead generated is  a way more important than social shares you have got,  feasibility, lots of  traffic, engagement and any other  aspect. Top SEO companies rely  on latter  for B2C businesses. 

Moreover, in B2C type, there is just one person to whom you are going to present your services whereas in case of  B2B,  that one person is just one link in the chain. Your services should convince  all the links in the chain which means CEO, HR and all other forks in the company to which you are going to sell services. Content amplification is all you need and that comes from shareable content as if you are running B2B,  longevity is must. 

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