Branding: Create a Compelling Story for your Startup that the Media will love


Branding: Create a Compelling Story for your Startup that the Media will love

In order to create that sensation around your brand, it is essential to getting stories out to media. However, not every company is good at seeking the attention of PR professionals, journalists or bloggers. If you want to get the word out about a new product launch, grand opening or another exciting event or venture your company is about to hold then you have to make it worth getting attention so that publishers can pick it up.

You can get started by writing a press release. It should be properly optimized so that it can be found once it is published. Hiring top SEO company in Atlanta will help in writing and optimizing it for you.

A major challenge in getting the attention with the media is that it is hard to stand out there. With the huge number of startups emerging every now and then doing the same thing it is difficult to make your position stand out unless you have a product or service with unique features. In order to stand out from the rest and grab the attention of media, you need to focus on the back-story and narrative, rather than your actual product or brand.

While pitching your story to media, be sure to present a clear, concise info about your products and before delivering your complete story.

Working with SEO agency that specializes in PR and content writing will definitely help you out.  Here are some tips that can be followed while weaving a story into your brand or a new product you launch.

  • Avoid Spinning Tales

Avoid making mistakes of adding elaborations inside of the stories weaved for your brand. It is crucial that your stories should be 100% factual.  

Do not make any fake claims that can be dangerous for the reputation of your brand. Be honest and genuine, after all your end goal is to buy from your business. You can also take help from SEO consultant to find the ideas and ways to put the genuine mark on your press release and pitches.

  • Don’t be afraid of drama

There is nothing that can attract the more attention of media than drama. This is the reason you find the hundreds of pieces published featuring pitfalls, mistakes or battles companies are having externally as well as internally. While it does not mean that you have to focus on bad things. It’s just that present your story in front of media in a way that it shows realism.

For example, you can tell about how your company bounced back from the verge of bankruptcy or you can discuss the competition you are having in the market and how you are dealing with your obstacles coming out in your way.

  • Follow the trend

Following the new trends is actually a quick and easy way to get buzz around your brand. You can search for the new trends around social media platforms or search engines and can get ideas to find innovative ways to get those trends in your brand.

  • Focus on the People behind your success

Rather than focusing on your products or services, let the spotlight goes to the people behind those products, who worked very hard to make it a such a success that people would love to use. For example, talking about the team members who did something inspirational, interesting would help in grabbing the attention of media.

  • Providing Interesting Data and Insights

Stories backed by data or industry insights are something which is really liked by the journalists. Try to gather some data within your business and analyze to see if you can pull the elements together to make a compelling story that showcases a problem and how your brand provides a solution for it.

  • Give your Brand Purpose

By simply offering the products or services you will not be able to grab the attention of media. There needs to be some purpose behind what your offerings, so that it can give your brand story some depth.

For example, a water filter company can have an offer where they donate a filter to a family in need, every time a customer makes a purchase from them. You brand need to have an image that cares and has a purpose than just a for-profit organization.

To get your story picked and stand out in media, it is essential to find innovative and different ways. With the help of Best Seo Company In California, you will certainly be able to get engaging and optimizes press releases that will increase your chances of being seen.

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