Basics of Images Alt Text For SEO


Basics of Images Alt Text For SEO

Alt Text is an alternative text for an image. This alternative text is useful for those users, who can’t see the image and alt text describes the picture for them. It explains to a blind user, what actually the image is representing. The search engines crawlers access this alternative text to decode, what the image is all about. 


If you own a website and it contains images, then you should add alt text for all images. Not adding the alt text for images is against Google Webmaster guidelines, which results in your HTML as a non-valid aspect. 


On a positive note, the Alt text provides an explanation to the search engines for images, which can bring additional traffic to your website through Google Images. But be clear, that alt text is not going to contribute in your higher rankings in the search results. It just an additional aspect to accentuate your website for search engines. 


How to use Alt Text for Images?


If you want to use alt text for your web images, then you should consider following tips: 


Short & Simple

As we have already mentioned, alt text tells the blind users, what the images are showing. Thus, regarding this, concise alt text will be the best option as it can properly help the blind users to understand about the images. Long and descriptive alt text loses its impact on the users and creates confusion. 


Say NO to Keyword Stuffing


Google hates keyword stuffing into the image alt text. Thus, it should be avoided at any cost. On the other side, try to describe your image without using any keyword as it will not make you experience any sort of Google penalties. 


Mention the subject of the web page


Alt text is considered as an effective approach of demonstrating the subject of the web page to search engines, which can result in providing an extra rise in search results. Therefore, including web page subject into the alt text would lead to an advantageous move. 


For Products Just Be Precise


If you have an E-commerce website, then a precise description, which shows relevancy for your products would be a perfect shot for the search engines. 


For example, the alt text as “women red silhouettes” would make any blind user to understand what is the product all about. In addition, the precise descriptions also help the search engines to know about the products. 


Do Not Forget - Alt Text is just a “Piece of the pie”


The ranking in search results depends on many other factors and alternative text is just another piece of the pie. Work for other factors as well, since they play the part of other pieces of SEO pie. 


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