Ask Google Doctor How Fit is Your Website For the Mobile


Ask Google Doctor How Fit is Your Website For the Mobile

Google is a friend for the small businesses and it has proved the fact several times. We all know that for a website, it is utmost important that it should be fit to be used on the mobile devices. A majority of audiences use the mobile phones to consume the content. For e-commerce sites, mobile apps mean business. As such, it is very important that web owners make their website mobile-friendly.

There are various tools available online that can judge your website and tell you how useful it is for the mobile phones within seconds.

Would you trust these results?

Probably not. What if this tool is from Google? You will surely trust the results. Well, all SEO Agencies have been using the PageSpeed Insights to test the mobile-friendliness but Google is here with an all new tool. The old tool is still around, though.

This tool would tell you the mobile-friendliness score and the mobile and desktop page load speed score. The scores are out of 100 and they are categorized as poor, fair and good. There is a great feature added to this tool as compared to the old Insights tool. You can get the reports in your inbox. A detailed report is sent to your inbox which tells you everything from your score, its reasons to how to improve that score.

The new tool is more useful than the old tool and it looks way better. The interface for the new tool looks great and it is interactive. 

Let us see the screenshots for the URL that we tested on this new Google tool.

#1. This is the first page that would appear when your analysis on the URL is finished. It simply tells you the three scores and there is an option ‘get my free report’. When you scroll down, you get the details of each score.

#2. This is the second page that tells you about the mobile friendliness. When people do not find a site fit for mobile use, they bounce off. This makes it clear that in the mobile first world, you cannot ignore the audience who use their smartphones to interact with you and your content.

When you click on the ‘view the details’ link below the score, you get a short report about what you are doing right and what can be improved. It’s cool, right?

#3. Now comes the mobile speed results. We all know that using the mobile phones, the patience of the audiences is at all low. They do not wait for a site for more than 3 seconds to load. Google also reported the loss of 20% traffic just because a website takes 0.5 seconds more to load. As such, mobile page load speed is crucial for the brands.

While the ‘see what to fix’ link is clicked, it opens a window, which tells you what can you do to decrease the page load time of your website on mobile devices. It also tells you what you are doing good. Thus, helping you throughout effectively.

#4. Then comes the desktop speed. While the mobile users are increasing, can you risk not optimizing for the desktop? Certainly not! Here is what we found out about 10seos related to the desktop speed.

Again, clicking on ‘view the details’, we saw the parameters on which the Google judged the page load speed. They were categorized into three- Passed, Consider Fixing and Should fix.

So, now you know how this tool works and the screenshots must have made you understand the reports better. There is one more thing. Google suggest these three tools to make your website healthy; Duda, Weebly, and Wix.

If you have started your business and you cannot afford to hire one of the best SEO Companies, Google is your friend to help you with every task. Have you checked out your mobile friendliness score already? Check it out at

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