It is necessary to create a mind blowing content for a blog but it is even more important to attract the people to your site or add them to your mailing list. The fact of the matter is, everyday 70% of the population visit a particular website and never come back again. There can be many reasons however to make them come back to your website, you will have to use email marketing.

For email marketing, you require a mail list and you can only get it by enticing readers to readily give their email address. This is where the popups call to action is used.

These popups are extensively used in marketing blogs, visitors can find them after every 15 days time. These pop-ups may be annoying but they are highly productive. They yield millions of email address every single day.

Let us discuss how you can create these pop-ups call to action that can yield the result for you!

1. Have a unique design for your popups

Unique ideas are always distinctive. The chances of connecting people with unique ideas are always more than the monotonous ones. While you create your popup window, avoid using the generic templates. Make your own signature style and create something that compels people to give their email address readily. For example, Backlinko uses customised look for their popups. The light box is made created in a that aligns with the branding of the site. Their popup shows a rocket which depicts the increase in ranking of the users. Such kind of pop-ups is appropriate to grab the attention.


2. Create urgency and value

Experts from best SEO company in India suggest that incorporating urgency along with the benefit of the value of the product can compel people to take action. We can take the example of who uses the power of urgency in their popups to compel people to connect to them. They provide valuable tutorials for starting a blog along with popups designed with an urgency depicting message in the form of countdown clock along with the value of $297 free bonuses and tutorials video. These things are something that everybody visiting this site would need.

You can also target people wanting the same thing from your blog or website. It is very easy to engage these people and get your work done.

3. Instil life in your pop-up windows

 There are many plugins and software are available that can help you create a fantastic and realistic popup window. Research done by SEO company in Jaipur depicts the usage of graphics and animation tends to have the lasting impression on the mind of the audiences and leads to conversion.

4. Pre-qualify the audiences

The basic purpose of popups is to get the email address of the potential customers. But the quality of the lead gained is a questionable aspect. Popup windows can be used in a constructive way to pre-qualify your potential customers and get the data of high qualified lead. This way you can reduce the efforts for filtration process and can easily get down to work with your prospects. The best example is QuickSprout. There call to action pop-up gives a message to increase the website traffic of the audiences. When you click on the button, it will take you to a page that asks for your website URL. Once the audit is done then the customer has to give their details for a follow-up contact. This is a great way to get a high quality lead from the very beginning.

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