An SEO Tip: Break Free From Monotonous Presentations


An SEO Tip: Break Free From Monotonous Presentations

Content is very important for good search engine rankings. The content should be as per liking and interest of your targeted audience. If audience like your content, you will become ‘the king’...And all that lectures. We are not saying that this is not true. But just that we know what is to be done, just want to know how it is to be done. And today, we are gonna talk about how. What is possibly the most boring kind of content? Presentations! Sometimes, a content is best expressed using presentation video. But most of visitors skip in between, while some just fast forward them, because it is the fact- presentations are monotonous. So how can you improve your presentation skills and matter such that, it become ‘Un-boring’? Read the complete post to know that.

  1. No unnecessary information. Keep the content of each slide short and informative. Do not stuff things in, that are obvious and known to all. Do not explain everything from amateur point of view. People who are interested in watching a video with what you titled, means they know something about it and want to know the details. So do not start from the start. Skip things that everybody know. Like i skipped the importance of content. We, those who have knowledge of SEO, we already know for SEO content is important. Some best seo companies like houston seo company suggest keeping the content straight forward and cut the irrelevant and well known facts.

  1. First talk and then present. Either you do not talk and only change the slides of presentation, or you talk and talk before you show in written. What happens during presentation is people pay more attention to your slides, then your words. So if you show them slides first, they will start reading it, when stuck in the idea, they listen to your explaination from mid and end up understand nothing. Thus they disconnect from you. For solving this problem, you can use animations, just show a part of slide that you will be talking in next 2 minutes and then animate the further content to talk for next 2 minutes. Wouldn’t it keep listeners or viewers on track and you will not become ‘Mr. boring’. Or if you do not want to use animations, keep the content on the the slide minimum; may be headings only, Such that when you explain inside each heading, the intent become clear and viewers will keep connected to you.

  1. Use Examples. Use examples related to the personality of your audiences. Like whether they are working women or single parents or teenagers. When you take examples of things happening near and around these people, they can relate to you better. They can understand you better. Thus they will not lose interest in you and your presentation. And if you quote examples that has no relation with your audience...Just get OUT. The example may be based on work profile or geographic profile or common interests.

  1. Show the Examples. Now we have talked about examples in the previous point. No now we are saying ‘show’. People are greatly influenced by what they see on the internet or social media. Show them some screenshots or tweets or FB status that target similar problem. Thus they will understand that they are not the only people that suffer from this problem, it is ok to embrace the problem to find the solution. And what can be better way to make them realise,other than visuals.

  1. Create a story. Anything presented in the form of a good story, sounds interesting. Create a story around the problems commonly faced by your viewers. Take it to the next level. Make them realise that there is something wrong going on, there is something that needs to be solved, and when they are convinced, provide a solution. Thus you will become a saviour.

  1. Direct Solution. When you have created a perfect conflict in the story, you provided solution. This solution should be explained clearly. It should not be like for ‘greater good’ or ‘one solution for all’ kind. The solution should exactly solve the problem. It should directly target the problem to destroy it. Let us suppose your subject was ‘mosquito spread disease’ and you have created a perfect scenario that your viewers are convinced that these diseases should be eliminated. And at the end, you are suggesting that ‘apply mosquito repellent cream on body daily’. Really?? Is it the true solution to the problem? All of us know that mosquitoes spread diseases and mosquito repellent cream repel mosquitoes. But is it the solution we are seeking? The solution you are providing should target the problem itself. Like ‘this’ disease can be cured/prevented by exactly doing ‘this’. Provide solution not a general approach. Advices like ‘do hard work’, ‘talk to your elders’, ‘never lose hope’ is not what people want to hear. Be practical and include only absolutely actionable advice. Remember that, if you can not provide a solution, do not target a problem.

  1. Engage people. You do not have live audience, so you can not do one-to-one interaction. But that is where comments section come. Ask viewers to feel free for any query. Appreciate their questions and try to reply ASAP. This will increase your credibility. Thus people will follow you more and more. As per kansas city seo company, click through rates is directly proportional to the search engine ranking.

  1. Scope for more. Learn from what people are appreciating. Learn from what people aren’t. Everything teaches a lesson in life. Yes, you are solving the problem of your audiences, but there is a lot you can learn from them. Keep your ears, eyes and mind open. Take an idea from the people’s questions and suggestions. Next time prepare the post or rather another presentation based on that. Thus you can kill it with your presentation skills.

The points we have given to you are not very exhaustive, but educative. You need not to be very good at presentations to attract visitors, just focus on what should be done, and what should not be done. Then the stage will be all yours. Get ready to rock.

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