A Sneak Peak: How Does Search Engine Algorithm Actually Works?


A Sneak Peak: How Does Search Engine Algorithm Actually Works?

There are many specific strategies to perform certain functions which can bring better ranking and conversion. But it is also important to understand which strategy can bring result and what can bring rank. It is also vital to understand how it should work. Sometime it is a necessity to understand the structure of your strategy to analyse how it actually works and bring better result.

Let us discuss the role of algorithm and how search engine algorithm actually works.

What is an algorithm?

Going by the definition of algorithm in Google , it defines it to be a process or rules to be followed in calculation or problem solving especially by a computer.

Experts from SEO company in Vadodara suggest that when understanding algorithm, there are few of the core characteristic of a website which are considered. Such as,

  • URL 

  • Content

  • Internal links

  • External links

  • Images

  • Speed

Each of these areas are divided using different formula and in different sub algorithms. There are many kinds of algorithms and countless formulas. It is important to recognize that there are some type of algorithm. It is important to recognize that there are countless algorithms and generally they are considered when we study their impact on search results.

There are various kinds of website element which are rate within the algorithm. To produce the desired kind of result, you will have to have large number of formulas and sub algorithms to master algorithm to analyse the quantity and placement of each element.

In general when we refer to Google algorithm, we refer to a huge collection of algorithm and formulas which are set to fulfill one specific function and gather by lead.

There are algorithms like:

1, Algorithm like Panda helps Google in the filtration, penalizing and rewarding certain kind of content based on specific characteristics and algorithm likely to includes a myriad of algorithm within it.

2. The penguin algorithm is meant to judge links and address spam there. This algorithm

requires data from other algorithm which are responsible for valuing links and tasked with understanding common link spam characteristic so the penguin algorithm can work.

3. Task specific algorithm

4. Organizing algorithm

5. Algorithms are responsible for collecting all the data and put in right perspective to get desired result.

Why search algorithms use entities?

Entities are search areas which is getting prominence lately. Entities can be understood a thing or a concept that is single, unique, distinguishable and well defined. Google identifies everything in its world to be specific entities. Google uses the classification to judge the website.

Google can easily classify and judge the interconnectedness of website and the world at large. Search engines are not responsible to judge on website, they rank all.

How search engine algorithms uses entities?

Sometime it is important to understand search algorithms and how entities work. Let us consider that Google understanding a web page is about X thing. In this situation let us also consider that another page links to it and the page is related to Y thing and both X and Y are from the same core entity. This can assign a relevance to this link based on connectedness of entities.

Professional from SEO company Jaipur highlights that before entities were relevant, search engine were left to assigned relevance by understanding on word proximity, density and other easily interpreted and manipulated elements. Entities are much more difficult to manipulate. It is either a page which is about entity or it’s not. By crawling the web and mapping common ways that entities relates which search engine can predict which relationship should carry for greatest weight.

So, how does search engine algorithms works?

  • Context matters

It is highly important to understand how algorithm actually works to apply certain context to what users are reading or experiencing. When it is about algorithm update, it is crucial to understand what is being updated is likely a small piece of very large puzzle.

When you know this phenomenon, it becomes easy to make interpretation about which aspect of the site is being adjusted and how that adjustment can be fitted for larger objectives of the engine.

  • Entities holds massive importance

It is highly critical to understand about entities:

  1. It plays a massive role in search algorithms today

  2. Have their own algorithms

  3. Entities will play an ever increasing role over time.

Knowing entities will help you analyse the value of the content and also find which links are judged more favourably

  • It is all about the users journey

Search engine algorithm has a huge collection of data from other algorithms and formulas each with its own task and purpose to get result by which users can be satisfied.

In fact, there are algorithms to monitor just this aspect of result and make valuable adjustments where ranking the pages are deemed not to satisfy user intent based on how users interact.

There are algorithms which are designed specifically to understand entities and how entities are related to each other in order to provide relevancy and context to other algorithms.

This is how in short search engine algorithm works. If you have any kind of queries and confusion consider sending us your comments.

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