A Bad Road makes Great Drivers, a Bad Pitch… Spoils Everything



A Bad Road makes Great Drivers, a Bad Pitch… Spoils Everything

You must have heard that bad situations make us a better person, we learn from our mistakes and proceed with more confident. If you think that a bad pitch makes great SEOs, then you are absolutely wrong. In SEO business, sometimes, the first mistake is the last one and more importantly, who said you have to make mistakes to learn, you can read posts like this too. Anyhow… on a serious note, if you prepare in advance and you know what should be done and what should not be, then you can out stand at pitching journalists. 

One of the Top 10 SEO Company has given us the characteristics of a bad pitch, let us tell you the same.

Characteristic #1. Robotic Language

If you are too careful about what you are writing, you can never impress a journalist. They get a lot of emails daily wishing the same, and as such standing out is important. It is a first step towards becoming friends or colleagues, at the least, so you do not want to leave a bad first impression. It is good to write in formal language but that does not need to be cold.

Characteristic #2. One for All

You do not pitch one journalist at a time but sending all of them the same message is not intelligence either. Every person has a different personality and targeting that personality is what helps you with right pitching. Before sending out your first email, dig a little deep about that journalist. Find out his likes and preferences. Draft the email according to the persona of the journalist. Of course, all of your pitches would not be successful but your efforts would not go in vain.

Characteristic #3. Hoax promises

As said before, journalists get a lot of emails daily and they know the inside out of pitching tricks. Do not try to engage them in false promises that you cannot fulfil. Do not try to convince them that you are important for some weird reasons. Show your true self and tell what you really want. The pitching is for selfish reasons, for your profit and do not hesitate to accept that.

Characteristic #4. Send...Repeat and repeat

Sometimes, a good proposal gets lost in the huge pile of emails. As such, there is a possibility that your email is deleted with a lot of others. It is necessary that you resend your email to the journalist after a period of time. Now, talking about resending, do not send it every other day the first thing in the morning. Even if the journalist is liking your pitch, he would get furious and never reply back. Give them some time to go through it and respect the decision.

Whatever you do, check your pitching for these characteristics. If you steer clear of them and do everything right, you can become successful. SEO services  Companies advice not to become too pushy because the lack of patience can ruin the game for you.

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