9 Lessons that You Can Learn From Life of an SEO



9 Lessons that You Can Learn From Life of an SEO

Being on the top is a dream for every person under the sun. We all work hard to reach to our cherished position, sometimes we pass, sometimes we learn. Yes, every failure teaches us a lesson, a lesson that helps us to improve ourselves and achieve our goal with even more courage and determination. What is a common factor uniting all Top 10 SEO Company of the world? The answer is their hardworking team that leave no stone unturned until they achieve success. When we look at the life of an SEO closely, it is actually full of inspirations. Let us know the life lessons that an SEO can teach us.

  1. Good things take some time to realize: Rome is not built in a day, whatever you want to name it. It is a very important lesson for life that one needs to have patience and consistent while doing a job. Success cannot be achieved by a day’s work, but when you work well daily, you surely get success when the time is right. An SEO works on his client’s website and tries out different methods to improve the ranks. When he does everything right, the rank actually improves.

  2. Time is not constant: Good time follows bad and bad follows good. When an SEO sit back and relax thinking that everything is going well and the website is ranking good, just then due to some Google update, shit happens. The key is to accept that nothing is permanent and one needs to prepare for the worst times in advance.

  3. Embrace what you cannot change: Sometimes, we cannot change what is happening around us, but when we accept the change, things become easy. SEOs also cannot change what Google algorithm unveils, but when they work according to that guidelines, everything comes back on the track.

  4. Charity begins at home: The aim of SEO is to help businesses to increase visibility and rank at the top for targeted keywords. They can convince their clients only when they themselves are at the top of the search engine. A good SEO always firstly make his business website rank among top positions before approaching to the clients.

  5. Nothing worth having comes easy: Not to mention, in addition to time, hard work is also a key to success. If you think that in good times success would come to you anyhow, so there is no need to work, you are doing a great mistake. By using black hat SEO tactics, an SEO can get temporary advantages, but the real SEO fruits can only be achieved by hard work.

  6. Try and try again, until you succeed: A real success is built on the failures. An SEO does not lose hope when one of his strategies fails, instead, he retaliates with even more confidence and spirit. He can surely teach you this lesson because, at the end, he always succeeds.

  7. Failing to plan is planning to fail: Planning is the first and the foremost part of the job of an SEO. Without a proper planning, SEOs are bound to fail. Before starting out on an idea, it is discussed with the team. Analytics team finds out right method, marketing team decides the target platforms, and the designing team adds creativity to it. 

  8. What goes around, comes around: As you sow, so shall you reap. If an SEO is doing everything right, his website would get the genuine benefits, but if he is doing something wrong, Google penalties are in the order.

  9. Fortune favors the brave:Sometimes, you have to be brave and go completely unconventional. When you do what others are doing, the chances of getting success are very less, but when you gather some courage and do what you think is right, luck favors you for sure. SEO Companies who trust the gut of their SEOs go a long way in this business.

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