7 SEO Blogs that Can Make You Rich



7 SEO Blogs that Can Make You Rich

SEO, an ongoing process is constantly changing. The variation in techniques has very much aided SEO in being a perceptible term in the internet age. In past years, we have gone through so many frequent updates from Google such as Panda, Penguin, Humming Bird and now Mobilegeddon.Apart from this, many new features are added in Adwords. New updates to Google+ are also seen. It’s not easy to keep pace with the changing algorithms. There are few SEO blogs that keeps you updated with the latest trends in SEO.

Google’s Official Blog: Blog posts from Google can be the first and last piece of information for the recent updates and guidelines outlined by search engine Google. It is obviously a blog that is authentic and can never be outdated.

Search Engine Land: It is the most popular SEO blog one should keep an eye on. Search engine Land always stands first to break News. A variety of articles on several topics are there to answer each single query of yours. It is a daily publication that covers and releases every aspect related to online marketing.

Search Engine Watch: It comes next to search engine land. Although, It is eminent to break news frequently, but search engine watch adds a little bit more information to what is released by search engine land.

Search Engine Journal: Along with the information contained in two popular SEO blogs, Search Engine Journal complements the information with videos and great comments. It aids in providing ease for the people to understand things more simply.

Moz: It has been in the SEO category since 2004. Moz puts forward the information in a detailed manner. The detailed stuff inturn benefits small businesses. They publish quite advanced matter and make visitors indulge in popular topics frequently .

KISSmetrics: KISSmetric focuses on data and metrics. Apart from SEO, they also cover additional subjects. SEO articles are published very frequently here. You have accessed a right blog if detailed content is your destination.

Higher Visibility: Higher visibility comes under those SEO blogs that provides tools and steps to put something on existing website along with the latest news regarding online marketing trends and techniques . It emerges out as a great assistant in providing unique advice regarding SEO.

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