7 Forbidden Sins That Every SEO Specialist should Commit


7 Forbidden Sins That Every SEO Specialist should Commit

Our whole lives we have been told by people to be at our best behavior and do not indulge in sinful practices. We are expected to tell the truth, to have a competitive spirit, to appreciate the good and feel content with what we have. Time has changed, now you no more have be the good child in the family, in fact, you have to be a badass to kick people out of the places which belong to you. If you wanna be among Top 10 SEO companies,  here are all the seven deadly sins that you need to perform to get that first position in the search engine.

  1. Pride: Do not boast around about your achievements, you should be modest! No, not anymore. You should always mention your achievements to your audiences. If you have increased your traffic, compose an article and put on the social media. When people know that you are becoming popular, they more happily get associated with you. After all, everyone wants to be the part of fame and success. If you got some appreciation or reward from the experts in your industry or by some authority, prepare a video or collage of photographs or story of your journey from nothing to everything.

  2. Envy: You should always watch your competitors and feel envy of them. Only when you feel left behind by the competition, you can retaliate with even more confidence and strategy. When you consider your competitor as a friend and feel happy in his progress, you are actually putting a full-stop at your own success.

  3. Wrath: Google scratched your ranking or your bad move did, no matter how that happened, but you have to show them that you are angry and you have to take the revenge. You should double your efforts and invest even more soul to your SEO strategies to regain your position. Tell yourself that you will lose break hell, and won’t sit idle until you gain your deserved position.

  4. Gluttony: You should not over-indulge or over-consume food. Really? Who is to decide what is normal and what is ‘Over’. There is nothing tagged ‘excessive’ in the world of SEO. When you feed your optimization efforts more time, more brains and more shrewdness, then only you can beat the odds and come at the top.

  5. Lust: Lust, this is a tricky one. How do we justify lust? A strong desire to get involved- Yes. A strong desire, you should think of the first organic result position as a mistress and you have to achieve that, by hook or by crook. You need not see how you are doing that or what people would say about you, you just have to fulfill your desires and make it only and only yours.

  6. Sloth: Being inactive is a big sin, not if you have a valid reason behind it. SEO experts know that sometimes the best solution to a problem is doing nothing. For example, the internet trolls. It is a phase that passes. Any wrong step agitates the public participation and it ruins the brand reputation and sales. You cannot cover all the social platforms at all the times. So be inactive and do nothing there, to see what natural course the events take.

  7. Greed: Everyone works hard and every person gives his best to achieve his goal. It is a human tendency that after achievement of one goal, they set their expectations high and eye for the next one. In life, it may appear as a bad thing, but for SEO being greedy is a positive thing. Yes, you should always demand more and more. Do not sit back after you have optimized the site for desktop, reach out for mobile phones and after that social media. There is no word like ‘max-out’. Are you doing image optimization? Go and feed your greed and never let that to settle down.

Making a position in the Top 10 SEO companies of the world is not an easy task, but if you commit all of these forbidden sins, you can surely achieve the impossible.

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