7 Common Problems encountered while performing local SEO


7 Common Problems encountered while performing local SEO

Sometimes it is very tedious and time consuming to perform local SEO. You may face a lot of complexities especially with proper management of Google+, citations and reviews. You must be aware of the objective behind Search Engine Optimization. It is the technique used to rank high in search engine result pages for particular search terms. I tried to compile the problems that are generally faced by SEO professionals.

My main category is not shown as primary category by Google+:

WAY OUT: Start deleting the categories except the one that you want as your main category. Don’t forget to Save after each deletion. Add the categories again, once you are left with primary category alone.

Merging Google+ Local and Google places listing:

If you migrate old Google Places account to a new interface, Google+ Local listing creates. It is needed to merge this listing with your Google Places Listing. More importantly, it is uc required if you need to retain +1s or a Vanity URL.


  • Contact Google Support with “Contact Us Link” and choose the business type> Another type of problem> There are duplicate results for my business on Maps.
  • Enter URL to the Google+ page and the auto-generated duplicate page. You can also enter a message in the additional details tab like : > Hello, >> While my Google Places dashboard was upgraded, a new Google+ Page was auto-generated. This page is a duplicate since I already have a page operational at {insert_link}>>> can you merge the  new page with old one>>Thank you,>>{Name}. You can even have Google rep call back in case there is no response from that side.

Still stuck with ‘Being Reviewed’ status in the Google places listing even after the verification:

WAY OUT: Contact Places Support Team if you have already waited for more than 15 days.

Duplicate Content:

WAY OUT: Duplicate content should be avoided at any cost. Use the tools like Site liner to generate a report containing duplicate, unique and common content in your website and Copy space to confirm the uniqueness of data that is going to publish on the website. Use the unique URL location pages in case you have locations more than one.

Many keywords on website but still not ranking well:

Keywords used to be very important for rank improvement but gone are those days. Google penalizes the websites with keyword stuffing which means exceeding a particular keyword density can make Google to Goodbye your website.


  • The content used should not be shallow or thin and most importantly it should be foun adding value to your website. Keep in mind the visitors interest while creating content.
  • Do not use the template copy on the landing pages just by location terms being changed.

Done with SEO? Now What?

Firstly, you can’t really get done with SEO as it is an ongoing process. Maintaining rank#1 is even tougher than achieving. Search engines make variations in algorithms frequently so it is important to go in accordance with them. Site reviews, reputation management, citations ,content management and many more tasks are there to look after.

Google is banning most of the link building sites. What to do with link building now?

WAY OUT: It isn’t dead! These are the things that should not embrace you-

you need not to order $20 package for 800 social media links, 10 organic .edu pyramids or 30 homemade PR9 links. You just need to have quality links. Quantity doesn’t matter nowadays. Provide value to customers and make engagement with communities to garner ‘natural’ links.

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