7 Big Brands Running Surpassing Websites


7 Big Brands Running Surpassing Websites

There are more than a billion websites running in the digital world, and the number is continuously growing. With so many websites, how can we make a difference in great, good and bad sites? What makes the great websites stand out?

While working in the same field, we believe that there are many other factors that need to be considered while judging a website, as suggested by the best SEO company in the world. This post comprises all those factors along with the big brands who are running their websites successfully.

Key Factors to be considered in judging a website…

Overall performance – In order to track the site’s performance, one needs to get the answers to following questions:

  • How large is your pages’ size?

  • How fast the web page loads?

  • How many redirects are placed on your web page?

Getting the answers to all above questions signifies the performance of a website.

SEO – Is your website is easy to access by the search engines? Organic traffic is the crucial part of making the website successful.

Graphics – How appealing your website is? If your website lures the users, then it is likely that they will spend more time, which is excellent for user engagement.

Mobile-friendliness – Is your website mobile-friendly? With the increasing rate of mobile users, now it has become important to make the website mobile-friendly.

Security – Do you have enabled SSL certificate at your website? The SSL certificate is essential for those websites which contain confidential details about the users.

By taking the above aspects into consideration, one can easily judge websites success. If you wish to see the online success in real life, then dive into this composition further and you’ll get to know the big brands who are running their successful websites:


Providing electronic payment services, PayPal has a superior, agile website. With excellent mobile-friendliness and security, this website hit the mark of performance.



When it comes to image compressions, SEO, and mobile-friendliness, the Spotify website shows its best. In addition, it looks pretty impressive.


Marks & Spencer

The mega digital retailer, Marks & Spencer shows the superior aspects of its website. With great speed and mobile-friendly characteristics, this commercial website is working outstandingly.



The classy, clean and appealing website performing exceptionally in every aspect. Comprising great graphics enables the Apple website to lure almost every user.



The German-based commercial brand, Zalando has a great website that caters the users with different languages and it can be used on different devices.



The superior characteristics of HBO website include fast load time, SSL certificate for security, mobile optimization and graphics of course. The most interesting part of this site that it can easily load tons of videos embedded in it.


American Express

In terms of mobile optimization and security, the website of American Express scores remarkable, but they need to work on their SEO. But overall, it will be a great experience with American Express site.


Additionally, if you want to check the performance of your website, then use the free tools available over the internet. These tools analyze the website and encourage you to make some improvements.

We know that “Power is gained by sharing knowledge not hoarding it”, so we would like you to share your knowledge with us! Leave your valuable, knowledge-infused comments in the below section, and we’ll be right back with more SEO material and best SEO companies reviews!

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