Every digital marketer in the present era is knowing about the importance of search engine optimization in their business. Marketers uses seo to build their brand reputation, increase traffic and get better understanding of its targeted customers.

Search engines continuously updates its algorithms to give better user experience. Changing algorithms also changes the strategies and concepts of seo from time to time. In this confusing situation, it becomes difficult for the marketer to understand and automatically they develop lot of misconceptions about seo that can hamper their business strategy also.

In this article we will focus on the popular misconceptions that marketers come across

Misconception 1# Seo is a one time process

The biggest misconception that marketers have is, they think that seo should be done once for a business but the fact is seo is a process and not a single step. Seo efforts should be made consistent to maintain the rank in the search engine or else the competitors can step into your position. Optimizing page, earning link, building quality content, attracting traffic etc should always be followed for maintaining the position in SERP.

Consultant from dallas seo company explains that when a site ranks at the top in the search engine, it is the time when the seo efforts should be increased even more. It is hard to reach at the top but even harder to maintain the position. The competitors of the site continuous to increase their seo efforts and as soon as top site loosen up their efforts, competitor replace them.

Misconception 2# Seo is all about link

Usually marketers have a concept that earning backlinks will increase the site ranking in SERP. The reality check is different, seo is based on many factors like content, link building,keywords, meta data etc link building is an important part of seo but solely link building cannot create any magic on seo.

Denver seo service providers advises that earning high quality and less quantity link is better for seo than earning high quantity of links with low quality. Search engine algorithms will only rank the site better if the backlinks earned should be relevant in terms of their site structure, contents etc.

Misconception 3# keywords means higher ranking

Earlier content builder could produce low quality contents stuffed with keywords to rank higher in the search engine. But with the change in algorithms this concept is wiped off from the seo point of view.

Keywords are still important to achieve ranking but with keywords, marketers will have to provide high quality relevant content and use keywords at right position to be get ranked. Keywords are the terms that search engine understands hence well researched keywords should be used at the URL, descriptions, title tags, texts, headline etc to gain success in seo.

Misconception 4# Guest blogging does not work

Guest blogging is still a prevalent practice. Sites that contain relevant content to solve people problems are still rewarded by google in terms of increasing ranking. Guest blogging  helps to project the brand in front of the target audience, helps to interact with them and attract traffic for the site. Guest blogging also helps to project the marketer as the thought leader in the niche industry.

Misconception 5# content marketing will replace Seo

 A content that is brilliantly formated and creatively written is not getting enough readers. The reason is the content can’t reach to searchers because it is not optimized according to search engine. It is merely impossible to attract customers and convert them without content but this content needs optimization to get seen. By optimization it means that it should contain keywords, incorporate main keyword in the headline, include links etc.

Seo for digital marketing is like water in the deserted barren island. Digital space is very competitive and hence to increase the traffic on your website ,it is important to incorporate seo in the digital marketing strategy.

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