Website that are not generating conversions can be a topic of worry for the business. Usability testing helps to understand the user's experience in the website. Firms that give seo service in Miami identifies the importance of the usability test as it affect the conversion rate of the targeted customers. The conversion rate of the website depends on the ease given by the website to the users. If a website is difficult to navigate and confuse the user, it will never attract traffic.

Usability test should also be done on fixed interval to gauge the performance of the website among its targeted customers.

Here is the list of the tools that are available for usability testing of the website. These tools will help to analyse the way the users interact with the website and make necessary arrangements to enhance the user's experience.


This A/B testing platforms provides valuable insight about the users visiting experience on the website and also their conversion rate. It is one of the most user friendly platforms. It provides a wide range of features like cross browser testing, mobile website testing, geotargeting, visitor segmentation etc. The platform has free version with quite useful features but for extra facilities subscription can be taken by spending few bucks.


This site enables the visitors to answer certain questions or a survey in a real time basis. This enables the webmaster to modify the usability of the website.

There are certain features that this tool has such as exit survey, to find out why the visitors are not converting, skip logic and integration with other tools. The platform is relatively expensive but provide a free 14 day trial.


 This is a click based user experience tool and offer features like

  1. Heatmap log, where each visitor clicks on the webpage

  2. Scroll Map, which shows how far the visitor scrolls down in the website

  3. Overlay that helps to break clicks on each page elements.

  4. Confetti, this helps to identify the sources of the visitor, search terms and other components.

There is a 30 day free trial for the tool and does not force to buy its paid subscription.


Five second test is operated by usability hub. It takes the note of the first impression of the visitor on the website. It takes 5 second to run the test and is extremely simple. It involves three steps

  1. Upload a snapshot or the page mock up with question related to design or functionality.

  2. Each visitor has 5 second to look at the website before answering.

  3. Usability hub collects the response.

This is a relative cheap tool as compared to others.


This tools is different from the rest. It uses Amazon's technical turk service to get response. There are three steps for this

  1. Upload the URL of the page that is to be tested.

  2. Setting three to six question for the page.

  3. Waiting for the ten responses to come back.

Readers, here are the tools that can help to convert your old and low productive website to identify the problem and work towards giving it a new spurt of adrenaline rush.

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