4 Ways of Boosting Social Share of Blog Post


4 Ways of Boosting Social Share of Blog Post

You took enough time to generate a great content. You also incorporated other media and graphics to make it attractive. You take better care of all the rules to develop great content.

But when you checked your analytics, what you observe is just a few number of shares and like on your blog post!

Even after following all rules and promotional strategies properly, you are not getting the results. If you are looking to bring more traffic to your blog post, this means you want more customers for your brand. And what if your blog does not drive more shares? 

Seo services mumbai share few of the best hack to boost the social share of the blog post. Let's have a look at all of them:

1. Include Click-To Tweet functionality

When it comes to attracting more customers and driving your target audience to your website, driving social shares to play an essential role. Because without making your content viral on social media platform, only a few are the chances that higher traffic will come to your site. 

The easiest way to generate social share is to add a click-to Tweet functionality as it helps in reminding the audience to share the post with their followers if they find it relevant and useful.

2. Highlight the share button on your blog post

Another easy yet very effective way to bring more traffic and more social share on your blog post is to highlight the share button. When your audience finds a piece of information interesting or valuable and select it, give them an option to share the quote or copy it to a notepad or somewhere. When you highlight, social share buttons pop up over the selected text. Even if your audience loves your entire post, there will be one quote or a part which they like the most and eager to share it with their friends. Adding this will definitely help you to boost the social share of your blog post.

3. Include Infographics and charts

Seo services Ludhiana believe that Displaying the information in a visual context increase the engagement and make the content more attractive for the audience. The audience is less interested in reading the entire text, rather they find it attractive when the blog post includes infographics and charts along with the text. Visually appealing information interests the audience and makes them share on social media platform. 

Visual contents are more likely to generate more shares. In fact, it also increases the chance of your content to appear on the first page of Google and when you get more traffic, people are more likely to share. 

4. Research trending topics

People love to read what is in trend. Give your audience a relevant and breaking news! Let them know what has happened in the world and interesting stories. Explore the relevant topic which is trending and your target audience will definitely share it on their social media. To know about the trending topics, take help from Google, TV shows, or events and create a buzz on your post.

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