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Balls Of Fun

Reviewed on : 10 Feb 2017
10SEOS Rating5
I have been working with Green Lotus for about a year, to increase Balls of Fun’s organic search results and to create a new website. From the beginning Bassem Ghali, the founder of Green Lotus, was personable and listened to what I wanted to achieve for the business. Then Bassem assessed what services would benefit the business best and placed me with a great team to help meet my objectives. Orion is great. He drives my website to achieve strong google results. He has taught me how to create authentic results. He also keeps me informed about the gym’s online reality and sets new objectives to make the results stronger. Jeff and his team designed a new website for the gym; they have taught me how to use the website and have helped to create a clean and colourful web design that reflects Balls of Fun as an active and fun children’s ball gym. I do like to be involved and to learn new things, so the team listened to my expectations and kept me informed along the way. They have meet my expectations from the beginning. My goal was to get more children active Balls of Fun, and the gym is seeing more families playing together at Balls of Fun. Thank you. Tanya Lavie – Founder and Owner of Balls of Fun Inc.
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