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Green Lotus
#9 Globally #1 in Canada #1 in Toronto


Todd Miller

Reviewed on : 10 Feb 2017
10SEOS Rating5
Green Lotus' SEO Bootcamp taught me more about SEO in 3 hours than years of mindlessly searching for info and tweaking on my own...they walked me through my OWN copy of their SEO tool, and I was making actual changes to my campaign, on the fly! Keywords, both my own and competitors; checklists; trends; analysis, reports, all within a few clicks on any screen, had me pushing my SEO work forward very quickly. I can't say enough positive about both Green Lotus the company, and the Green Lotus SEO tool...their years of experience working with companies 100 times my size proved extremely useful, and being able to apply that knowledge to my own SEO efforts completely outweigh what I paid for the bootcamp, and what I pay monthly for the tool. Highly recommended to entrepreneurs looking to understand and apply the basics of SEO, and for more advanced users and companies who want to make the most of their dedicated SEO efforts.
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