Ranking Criterion Adopted By 10seos

10seos adopts a thorough evaluation method which is majorly based on client reviews. As the name indicates, 10seos is engaged with revealing the names of top 10 SEO companies operating in more than 30 countries. The company analyses the services provided by over thousand of SEO firms every month, hence it has standardized the concept for providing the ranking. The companies with great achievements, proven records and reliable services are provided with the top positions in the listings released by 10seos. Let's have a closer look at things here.

How Do We Rank?

There is a list of factors that are considered extremely important while providing ranks. 10seos evaluation process relies on the following factors-

  • Reviews
  • Brand Popularity
  • Profile Strength
  • Profile Engagement 


  • Authenticity of Reviews- The process emphasizes on the reviews that are provided by clients associated with the company to be evaluated. Reviews given by clients find more weightage over reviews provided by employees. Moreover, reviews given by Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter connected reviewers are considered to be more relevant.
  • Number of Reviews- The companies with more number of reviews are considered reliable by the reviewing panel at 10seos. Positive reviews generate credibility, which is one of the crucial features of the evaluation process.    
  • Significance of New Reviews- The process of ranking takes into account the fresh reviews received on a company’s profile. Current reviews depict the quality of services provided by the companies in running time. While evaluating the quality of services, 10seos prefers to look at recent reviews rather than the old reviews.     
  • Relevance of Reviews- If a company provides more than one service, then the reviews relevant to a particular service will only be taken into the account. 
  • Types of Reviews- There are two kinds of reviews- Verbal and written. A website with both textual and video reviews are considered reliable by the reviewing panel.     


  • Online Factors- To determine the authenticity of a company's website, 10seos concentrates on the quality and quantity of links it is associated with.     
  • Offline Factors- The evaluation process also focuses on the offline usage of a brand’s name. For this, the media and social outlets are taken into the consideration.  


The company has to claim itself in order to get a unique profile at 10seos. Vendors are expected to complete their profile by filling out the following areas-

  • Website URL
  • Email Address
  • Physical Address
  • Phone Number
  • List of Major Clients    
  • Corporate Description
  • Client Reviews
  • Blogs    
  • Case Studies

The evaluation process takes into account, whether the concerned company has claimed itself or not. Claimed profiles depict a sense of ownership and credibility. At least, 4 reviews should be there on a company’s profile to support its services.


  • Profile at 10Seos- The evaluation process emphasizes on the efforts made by a company in order to grab viewers to its unique profile. 
  • Importance of Reviews- The companies which ask their clients to leave authentic reviews on their profiles at 10seos
  • Benefits for Contributors- The concept of engagement prefers considering the firms which contribute to the blog section at 10seos by publishing high-quality informative write-ups on the regular basis. 

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