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The Smarketers

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The Smarketers

About Us

WHO WE ARE: Traditional methods of selling have changed. Where previously the seller would go hunting for a buyer, buyers are now searching for what they want and reaching out to providers themselves. However, several organizations have not caught up yet. Their sales and marketing processes are far from optimized, resulting in their prospects not being able to find or reach them. At The Smarketers we focus on creating an efficient inbound marketing engine that can drive inbound leads for your business. We also help you nurture these leads, no matter what prospecting stage they are in. To complement your inbound marketing efforts, we will also help you with customer outreach and lead generation. This smartly combined approach will help you generate quality leads and meet your business goals to generate new business faster and with greater efficiency.

WHO ARE OUR CUSTOMERS: We specialize in working with clients in the B2B segment across various industries along with select B2C clients.

HOW WE WORK: We will perform a thorough analysis of your current business model and then delve into understanding your customers really well by conducting buyer persona research - a process that includes interviewing management, sales, and marketing teams. After this analysis is complete, we will put together a comprehensive plan for content generation, promotions, SEO and lead generation campaigns that are specific to your industry, target audience, and sales goals. Using deep analytics, we will be able to predict outcomes and make required corrective changes on the fly. We also work towards helping companies align their marketing and sales efforts to generate better business outcomes.

WHAT VALUE DO WE BRING?: Our customers have seen over 40% increase in leads within just two months of working with us. We shirk from cookie-cutter strategies and instead, focus on solving your core challenges to drive your inbound marketing and sales efforts. Company Email
(+91) 988-500-1945 Contact Number

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Annual Turnover
Fulltime Employees
10 to 49
Hourly Pricing
$50 to $99

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The Smarketers

The Smarketers

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