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Submitcube - a digital marketing agency in Kolkata created by Mr. Subhasish K in 2004. He realized the enormous possibilities of increasing business opportunities with the aid of digital marketing and he had taken a particular effort to inspire the owners of varied SMEs (medium and small enterprises) owners to consider growing their business around the world and educated all of them regarding the true advantageous facts of internet marketing. He has assisted countless such clients to spread out the lock of fortune through the exact implementation of result-driven and reputable online marketing techniques in real-time. That is why; today his business is one of the most reliable brand marketing names amongst various kinds of SME communities. Today, he adopts utmost satisfaction in providing his knowledge to his associates and guides all of them thoroughly throughout the crucial moments. Services Offered are listed as follows :

SEO & Digital Marketing: This team includes some smart and hard-working website optimizers exactly who not just know the basic principles of flawless marketing but are extremely knowledgeable about the latest trends and deal with techniques accordingly. They've mastered the strategies of ranking within the first few search engine results of all relevant searches in every niche industry phase.

Social Media Marketing: The social media marketing team is completely versed together with all the social media tracking tools as well as advantageous features of all top social networks. These people wisely make use of the resources as per their needs in the interest of achieving targeted goals appropriately.

Video marketing: This team includes the most talented experts who understand how to reach targeted audiences in real-time with the aid of promoting thought-invoking and exciting videos that get emotionally mingled up along with the target audience.

PPC: This section includes Google as well as Bing certified Pay Per Click advertising specialists and so they truly be aware of the vital metrics to pay attention to with regard to ensuring approximated ROI within the needed time.

Online Reputation Management: This section includes the most knowledgeable marketing professionals who dealt with working techniques that truly guarantee the everlasting trustworthiness of brands throughout the internet.

Responsive website design and development: Probably the most creative department of the firm where every folk are very well experienced with the most up-to-date web programming skills and can mix their creativity together with the skills in ideal proportion which assists them yo develop amazing responsive websites.

Financial Info

Annual Turnover
$10,000 to $49,999
Less then $10,000
Fulltime Employees
10 to 49
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