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IM Einstein

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We help small businesses increase their online visibility through tested Whitehat SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Management, Responsive Web Design, Online Reputation Management, Writing and Curating Unique Content and more.

When we started talking about building an internet marketing agency for DeKalb, IL one thing was immediately clear:
We wanted IM Einstein to be the place small businesses turn to in order to cut through the confusion of internet marketing.

We know business owners are wearing many hats and juggling a lot each day. Add to that the "Will my ads convert?" game, we decided there's too much information for most people to digest and a steep learning curve.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), analytics, PPC, CPC, CPA, EPC, ROI, page rank, above the fold, content creation, meta tags, two step opt-ins, social media management, squeeze pages, landing pages, inbound, outbound, online reputation management, etc..

It's enough to make your head spin.

Businesses have other important tasks that need attention. That's why we decided to create IM Einstein.
We make your internet marketing decisions easier, clearer and allow you to make them with more confidence.

Our ideal customer is a small to medium size business that knows they can't do it all (and shouldn't try). They know that to compete in the world today they need a strong internet footprint. They cringe a little bit each time they see their competitor ahead of them in search results or in likes and shares. They understand that to build their business, to REALLY build their business, they can let us build their presence. They leverage internet marketing (or want to) so they have more time for the business they love. Company Website
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IM Einstein

IM Einstein

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