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Reviewed on : 23 Feb 2017
10SEOS Rating5
We came to Over The Top SEO for lead generation in the beginning of 2016, its really funny how things roll in this life from one end to another. When we first met Guy & Greg we had them generate some calls for our business and we didn't even think about hiring any other SEO firm. After a few months we found out that our website was promoted in some really dark ways and the SEO company we hired for over 3 years screwed us badly during the whole time but we never knew about it because we did adwords mostly. After we found out with the help of over the top we saw how bad things were and we asked Guy if we can work together in the SEO aspect as well.. They have built our whole website from zero and made it look amazing, we are now a year later and we are dominating our field locally and statewide. We owe A LOT to Over The Top SEO for their unique approach, honesty and above all professionalism that can't be put in words. We love you guys. FHE Team!!!
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