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Belinda Grixti

Reviewed on : 30 Jun 2017
Even though The Tribe is a video production company, because we do a lot of work incorporated into digital strategies, we spend a fair amount of time talking to people about websites, search-ability, SEO, Google, Facebook etc. All of these areas impact on our conversations with our clients, with the aim of getting the best outcome for their dollar. This means we know what it takes for a website to be considered a good website. I often use the analogy ‘a website is a bit like a sign.’ If you spend a lot of time, money and effort making your sign look fantastic but then you go and put it on the back of your building, against the next buildings wall, where there’s only a half meter clearance between their building and yours, and no one ever goes down there, you’ve wasted your money on the sign. In a way, having a bad website is the same sort of thing. You can spend a lot of time, money and effort building a beautiful gorgeous website, but if you haven’t got the foundations right, no one will ever see it. And isn’t that the point? That they see it and then buy something from you? Yes, we think it is! And Goop Digital are absolute masters of website design. Not only can they make your sign look fantastic, but they know how to place it on the front of the building so that plenty of passing traffic will see it and buy from you. If you are after a website, you have to stop and consider Goop Digital!
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