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Techno Softwares


Sanjay Srivastava

Reviewed on : 01 Apr 2017
10SEOS Rating5
i had hired Techno Softwares for my firm as i needed a good mobile application to boost my business. i must say the company was good beyond my expectations and designed a really good mobile application for me. the mobile app is simple to use, is very interactive and clear and has been designed for the latest platform. what more, they have designed it to suit even the PCs and laptops. i am very thankful to the developing team and senior management at Techno Softwares for designing the application as per my needs. they used to take my opinion too in the designing process and delivered the app on the date the specified. they are punctual to the dot and also very budget friendly. the offered the best deal in the market. thanks to their application, my shop got recognition beyond my locality too.
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