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ATEES Infomedia Pvt. Ltd.
#1 in Thrissur


Bijoy Balachandran

Reviewed on : 23 May 2018
I am Bijoy from Thrissur. Website composition and details of different courses invited me to the world of ATEES. Discovered about the python programming course for a duration of 4 months. I was happy with the comfort and care from every employees in the company. Professionalism was spread in each and every young minds which upgraded my understanding in the platform.During the course I had a chance to refresh my skills on core python, django frameworks and the GUI applications. Following the course I joined as a backend developer in python with 6 months of fruitful experience in different frameworks. Saying something about the company it is packed with inbuilt learning experience, cool work environment and it is a place to implement new ideas.
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